Financial Job Hunting in a New Area

Moving to a new city or state can be exciting, stressful, taxing, and emotional. Whether moving just a couple of hours away or to a whole new state, for many it means starting over; building a social network, finding the right place to live and building a new life.

Now add finding a job on top of all that! The challenges of finding a new job in a new city can be many, but with the right planning and motivation you can find the right job with less stress. PrideStaff Financial wants to make your new move as worry free as possible. Here are a few tips:  


You Have a Right To Be Selective. There are many blogs and forums online that offer feedback and advice on accounting and finance positions. Take the time to read and learn about the companies you are interested in; see what others might be saying about those companies. As much as you may feel rushed to find a job in your new city, take your time. Ask direct questions about a given position, compare company policies and workplace environment, get to know the routes; which companies are closer and cheaper to commute to than others, and interview them just as they are interviewing you. Be selective, do your homework and you will find a great fit.

Don’t Forget To Network. If you’re thinking “I already know how to network,” think again! Networking isn’t just about navigating the city in which you live; it’s about getting to know the companies in that area, the circles, and the trends of organizations. When you’re in unfamiliar waters, you need to know which way the currents flow. This means asking questions; asking for help. Show your new networks that you have a great desire to learn and grow. If you’re not sure which company you would like to work with, volunteer or consider asking for internships. Not only will this help you network and make new contacts, it gives you a chance to get your feet wet. More and more organizations are taking on interns as the “new interview” because it gives them a chance to get to know you as well. Places like Twitter, Google, and WordPress blogs all have a breadth of information in your interest area. Look up events, classes, and conferences to help you get started. These are great ways to build new networks, and ultimately potential employment in your new city.

Take Advantage of Social Media. Targeting social media to search jobs in a new city is not only accessible, it’s easy. Places like Facebook and LinkedIn both offer networking and career-building tools to help you look for jobs, and build contacts in a new city. Remember you’re not alone; many these days are relocating for work and are in the same position as you, build on that. Use the Internet and social media outlets to develop connections and start communicating. But don’t rely just on interfacing through online resources, go out and meet your new connections face to face. Attend social media events, be daring and ask people out for coffee; do whatever it takes to meet them in person. No matter how great you sound on paper, it doesn’t compare to making a connection with someone in person. 

At PrideStaff Financial we know how important it is for you to find the right job. Our accounting and financial career consultants will help you build your resume, create powerful references and prepare for the interview. Contact your local PrideStaff Financial office today!