Workforce management that never misses a beat.

Change happens. Sometimes when least expected. PrideStaff Financial Workforce Pulse Solutions help organizations actively manage workflow changes and capture new opportunities on a timely basis.

Workforce Pulse Solutions Address:

  • Fill-ins for accounting support and professional personnel
  • Project specialists
  • Temporary employees for seasonal peaks, increasing workloads and accounting cycles
  • Vacation and extended leave coverage

Business Benefits

  • Reduce personnel expenses
  • Reduce unemployment liability
  • Control benefit costs
  • Meet project deadlines
  • Minimize employment risks
  • Manage resource constraints
  • Stay focused on top priorities
  • Avoid hiring mistakes
  • Reduce turnover
  • Improve morale
  • Test new ideas
  • Improve profitability

Direct Hire Advantages

Your next superstar is probably working at another company right now. How do you find her? How do you attract him? PrideStaff Financial has a strong network of actively working candidates who would make a move for the right opportunity. These candidates are typically not found through traditional recruiting ads or job postings. Improve the quantity and quality of your next search by accessing qualified candidates through PrideStaff Financial direct hire.

Additional Resources

We have found thousands of qualified accounting and financial specialists for our clients. We’ve also helped many businesses improve their hiring processes. The following tips are helpful whether you work with us or not (but of course, we hope you do!):

Sourcing Candidates
You have multiple options to find candidates:

  • Your website: Don’t miss the obvious; keep your listings up to date.
  • Career websites: Many of these sites cast a wide net.
  • Staffing firms: The firms have active relationships with job seekers.
  • Your connections: Ask friends and colleagues directly and through social media.
  • Executive recruiters: They can access hard to find working candidates.

Resume Screening
Sift through it all:

  • Fast forward to experience: Hands-on experience usually tells more than a list of skills and objectives or a summary of qualifications.
  • Accuracy: Look for inconsistencies in spelling, grammar and tone.
  • Call: Have a question? Don’t assume and miss a great candidate. Pick up the phone and ask.
  • Functional vs. chronological: Functional resumes are often used to hide an unstable work history.
  • Sweat the details: More than 30% of applicants stretch the truth. Question inconsistent/unbelievable skills or experience.

Interview Questions
Go beyond “tell me about yourself” and dig deeper:

  • What would your last supervisor say about you?
  • Tell me about a time when you had to go above and beyond the call of duty in order to get a job done.
  • What is your typical way of dealing with conflict? Give me an example.
  • What do you know about our company?
  • Tell me about your best manager…and your worst.

Checking References
A critical step toward making a successful hire:

  • Be proactive: Prior to the interview, let candidates know you will be asking for references.
  • Get the info: Obtain multiple contact numbers for each reference, and other necessary information such as job titles, company names and addresses.
  • Choose the right references: Call only business references. Personal references are easier to reach, but not as effective.
  • Save time: Only call references for candidates you are seriously considering.
  • Ask for help: Let your candidate know that reaching positive references is a requirement for hire. Ask them to set up a time for you to call their references.

Job Offers
You’ve found the right candidate, now close the deal:

  • Be quick: Taking too much time risks losing your candidate to another opportunity.
  • Be proactive: Ask the candidate if the position meets their needs throughout the interview process.
  • Be detailed: Make sure every aspect is in writing at the time of the offer.
  • Be prepared: Expect some negotiation and know your limits before making the offer.
  • Be competitive: Ensure that your offer aligns with or is slightly higher than market salaries and benefits for similar positions.

The right plan increases job satisfaction, retention and performance:

  • Workspace: Be prepared for a new employee; desk, office, phone, supplies, etc.
  • Mentor: Pair the new employee with a partner during the first 30-90 days.
  • Corporate culture: Successful orientation programs share business philosophy, values and traditions.
  • Clear expectations: Provide clear, visible and manageable expectations.
  • Keep it going: View orientation as an ongoing process, not just a one-day program.

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