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Is there an initial fee to get started with PrideStaff Financial?
No. Our temporary and temporary-to-hire options are billed by the number hours our employee has worked at your office or facility. You will be billed the week following the date work is completed. Direct hire placements are not billed until you decide that the candidate we present to you is acceptable for permanent hire.
How will I be billed?
Invoices will be issued weekly, and can be paid electronically.
Do you offer health insurance?
Yes. PrideStaff Financial offers a comprehensive Medical Plan that meets the Affordable Care Act coverage requirements. Voluntary benefits plans such as a Dental Plan, Vision Plan, Life Insurance Plan, Hospital Plan, Short Term Disability and Medical Indemnity are also available. Visit this page for more details.
Who does the employee work for?
It depends. PrideStaff Financial fills temporary, temp-to-hire and direct hire positions. For temporary and temp-to-hire assignments, associates are employed by PrideStaff Financial.
Do you offer any training?
We do offer training on several computer software systems, including Microsoft Office. Contact your recruiter directly for more details.
What happens if I am not happy with the employee you’ve assigned; am I obligated to hire them?
Call our recruiters. Our focus is finding the right fit for you.
What if I am happy with an employee and want to hire them prior to the end of the contracted time frame?
We have an easy conversion process for any client who wants to hire an employee before the agreed upon hours have been completed. This includes a pre-negotiated fee, so that you understand how much of an investment may be involved in hiring someone early.
How do you administer employee direction or coaching, if needed?
Our process involves regular interactions with both our clients and placed employees to identify what is going well and where improvement may be needed. This includes a 360 degree feedback loop, by which we immediately contact employees after receiving feedback from their supervisor.

Are your associates able to participate in our internal training programs and/or events, i.e. safety training, company picnic, company incentive programs?
Absolutely. Temporary employees who feel like members of the client’s internal team will be more connected, productive and likely to stay with the company. While they are technically a PrideStaff Financial employee, feeling like an important member of your team is invaluable. If you would like a temporary employee to participate, please contact PrideStaff Financial for approval prior to making arrangements; depending on the circumstances, it may be considered work time.
How does PrideStaff Financial help retain the talent they place with their clients?
Candidly, much of it begins with both candidate AND client selection. We work with employees who have recent and relevant work experience, as well as reasonable pay expectations. Conversely, we only work with clients who have strong cultures and safe work environments, and who realize they have to pay what the market dictates in order to get the very best employees. Blending this with our attention to the “fit factor” when making placements, we get it right a whole lot more than we get it wrong!
What are your timekeeping options?
While traditional paper time cards are available, our customized WebTime system allows employees to key in their time on a computer, tablet or smartphone. Once they submit their time, an approval email is sent to the client, who either approves or rejects the time. Once time is approved, it’s sent to PrideStaff Financial for processing.
What are your sick pay policies, i.e. do you require a doctor’s note or any documentation?
A doctor’s note is typically not required. However, if an employee is out long enough to trigger leave, such as the Family Medical Leave Act, we follow the documentation procedures set forth by law. In some states, e.g., California and Oregon, paid sick time is mandated by law. In the majority of those cases, the cost for paying sick time is built into our hourly bill rate, and we don’t charge clients separately.
How quickly can you fill a position?
It depends on the skills and experience required. We pride ourselves on having a robust inventory of screened employees who are ready to go to work. If your specific needs require a more specialized or rare skill set, we will give you a reasonable expectation for how long a search may take.
What is your selection process?
Our selection process is a combination of phone screening, phone interviewing to identify skills, a robust application, an in-person behavioral interview to identify where the person would be the best “fit”, reference checks and an in-depth PrideStaff Financial orientation. Then, depending upon a Client’s specific needs, a drug screen, background check and/or Client-specific orientation are performed.
Do you perform background/drug screening?
Yes. For background checks, we offer county specific searches or nationwide database searches, depending on pricing and what is important to the client. For drug screening, we have both in-house instant oral tests, and relationships with multiple testing labs in almost every market in the United States to handle specific client requests.


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