How to Dress for Success for Your Interview

Financial and accounting positions in any company are white-collar jobs — so for the interview, dress the part.  Just as you prepare for the interview questions, tailoring your answers for the ultimate “wow” factor, your appearance must present the same way. The first impression creates a permanent impact that tells the potential employer something about you. If you walk into an interview dressed too informally, or wearing garish jewelry and make-up, you may set an unintentional tone that you don’t mean to set. PrideStaff Financial  has some tips to dress for success at your next interview. 

Always remember where you are interviewing.  

No matter where you interview it is important to be mindful of how you dress.

When it comes to working as a financial or accounting professional your clothing says a lot about you. Financial and accounting staff are oftentimes in front of many different people, clients, and vendors, so it’s important to look your best to help build confidence and credibility during an interview. Companies are looking for highly qualified and professional employees. When working in any financial career part of your role may include outward interaction in the community and a fundamental role that many companies look for is the element of great customer service and a client’s trust. While trust is earned in many ways, dressing professionally and providing that constant in appearance is a key factor. The way you present yourself in an interview shows the employer that you are to be taken seriously and they can trust you to work with their clients or vendors. A general rule of thumb- once you pick out your interview attire, wear it a few times before the interview so that you feel comfortable in the clothing.

Think of it this way — it’s a show of respect.

When someone meets you for the first time, if they were to keep their head down and not shake your hand, what would you think? How would you respond? Would you be offended and think it a show of disrespect? Many people would. Eye contact, a firm handshake, and great listening skills are all signs of respect for another person. It’s an indelible mark that stays with someone when such care is shown. How you dress for work is no different. When you dress professionally, taking great care of your appearance for an interview, it tells the company that you respect their values, codes of conduct, policies and environment. It also tells the potential employer that you have done your homework. If you look at any business website, many of them show pictures of employees, top management and company mission statements. This can tell you a lot about the work environment and common workplace attire. Top fashion experts also suggest contacting HR to find out what the dress code policy is for their company. This not only shows your level of attention to detail, it shows you are serious about the job.

What does business casual really mean?  

A study done by Brandeis University suggests that many people in business misinterpret what business casual really means. While it depends on the environment, traditionally it means “not a suit.” Brandeis suggests “a blazer and slacks, a sweater, scarf and nice skirt, or khakis and a polo shirt” would all be considered safe bets for business casual attire. If you are not familiar enough with the company you’re interviewing with, dress conservatively.  If you are told by a recruiter that most days at the company are business casual, that does not mean you dress as such for the interview. Once you land a position and have built your reputation and work ethic, you may be able to flex your business casual attire a bit more. Until such time, never underestimate the power of a clean, pressed suit, or sharp dress for an interview. You will have a much greater impact dressing conservatively and more professionally out of the gate and better a chance of landing that dream job!

You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. PrideStaff Financial wants you to make the best first impression at your next interview. Our highly trained staff knows what it takes to prepare for an interview and can help you make the most of your first impression. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.