How to Explain a Temporary Accounting Position on a Resume

Years ago, temp workers were often just seen as fill-ins for vacations, medical leaves or sick employees.  My how things have changed!

Fast forward a few decades and “temps” have been used to turn around failing companies, many surgeons operate on temporary assignments, top engineers and researchers are working on a contractual basis.  Even the President of United States could be looked at as a temporary contractor!

While that last example might be stretching things a bit, some of the world’s foremost experts in their fields work on a “temporary” basis.  Yet even with all this said, some people are still afraid to highlight this wonderful experience on their resume.  But you shouldn’t be afraid!  Here are several tips for explaining temporary assignments:

Clearly list the position(s) as temporary.
Hiring managers can be scared off by job-hoppers but that is much different than working on temporary assignments.  To ensure the hiring manager doesn’t see you as a hopper, clearly note each position as temporary.      

Highlight temporary work in your cover letter.
When crafting your cover letter, explain how temporary assignments have allowed you to gather key experience in a variety of different industries, companies, work settings, systems, etc.  This wide-range of experience can be extremely valuable in the eyes of hiring managers and is something you should be proud of. 

Gather references and recommendations.
Ask your temporary assignment supervisors or managers to provide you with references and letters of recommendation.  This can go a long way is establishing a proven track record of success and hard work.  Showing up at an interview with a stack of recommendations from each temporary assignment is a great way to separate yourself from the crowd. 

Share specifics.
Many temporary accounting and financial positions serve a very specific purpose or project.  Explain in detail what you were brought in to do, and highlight specific results with figures. 

Highlight unique training and experiences.
Many organizations require very specific training programs and even certifications.  If you have gone through any type of training program or certification courses during your assignments, explain how you have benefited from this and how it has improved your skill set. 

Knowing how to explain temporary work is invaluable knowledge to have when interviewing. PrideStaff Financial understands the importance of temporary work. As one of the top ranked recruitment firms in the nation, we can help you identify what temporary work to put on a resume, and help you prepare for your next interview. Contact us today to learn more.