How to use LinkedIn to Enhance Your Potential

Doesn’t it feel like everyone is “linked in” these days. Anything from growing a business platform to finding a new career, LinkedIn is where it’s at. If you are unfamiliar with LinkedIn, here are a few stats: they have been in business for eleven years, in 2013 they reported revenue of over $325 million, and currently have over 225 million members—globally. LinkedIn has become the new norm for business opportunity and career enhancement. With that said, here are some steps you can take to increase your LinkedIn profile and become a more informed candidate.

The jobs platform: 
LinkedIn has a creative jobs tool that takes online job listings and combines it with their recommendation engine. In order for it to work for you, you have to build a strong profile page and online resume. Thumb around LinkedIn to determine popular key words that are often used in posted job descriptions and then utilize those key words within your profile. It will strengthen your page position when businesses are searching for candidates. If you can afford it, LinkedIn also offers an “enhanced communications” feature, of which you can purchase to increase your visibility and allow for better communication between you and the businesses you are interested in. A vital thing to remember—LinkedIn is all about connecting business professionals to each other. If you are shy about telling anyone who you are or question sharing your work experience, then you may find it hard to truly benefit from all that LinkedIn has to offer. View LinkedIn as your first step to learning how to network. Once you’re comfortable, you can dive off the deep end into the vast world of LinkedIn enhancements. You will find the water is quite warm!

Have your finger on the Pulse:
In November of 2013, LinkedIn and Pulse News collaborated to provide an even better experience for LinkedIn users. The Pulse application makes it easier for job seekers and businesses to get current news whenever they need it. Between the mobile application and a tablet friendly version, LinkedIn is providing consumers with everything they need to find connections, innovation, and jobs. Pulse News is a customized news source; meaning that it tailors the news you get on your LinkedIn page to your needs, via your recent searches, saved jobs, likes and profile. In order to benefit from this application, make sure your key words and profile page are strong, and build your network. You can be one of the most informed candidates in the marketplace today by utilizing Pulse News.

You don’t need to be a groupie to be in a group:  
While Pulse News is great for customized global information, the groups feature on LinkedIn provides professionals with similar interests or work history a way to connect, share information, find or post jobs or get established as an industry leader. As a LinkedIn member you can create your own group or connect to one that is already established. The groups are built like forums, where topics or questions can be posted. It’s a great way for you to show your stuff as a top candidate in your field of expertise, or just obtain knowledge from others. 

LinkedIn provides many opportunities for any position, in any practice. It gives you an outlet to connect or learn to network, provide your expertise or simply show your willingness to learn through the vast amount of information provided on LinkedIn. PrideStaff Financial understands the importance of utilizing social media tools to enhance your credibility as a candidate. As one of the top ranked recruitment firms in the nation, we not only use LinkedIn ourselves, but can help you build a strong profile to find your perfect career. Contact us today to learn more.