How Will You Make This a Happy New Year For Your Career?

In his book “Outliers: The Story of Success,” Malcolm Gladwell theorizes that it is not solely who a person is by name, financial standing or societal status that allows them to be successful in their career. That in each of us lays a set of cultural norms, parentage and values that push a person to succeed in ways others may not. “If you have ability, scouts and talent spotters will find you, and if you are willing to work to develop that ability, the system will reward you.” Now Malcolm Gladwell may have been referring to Canadian hockey, but the basic premise is true; work hard, plan, and stay true to your values and you will reach that career goal you’ve been striving for. PrideStaff Financial has put together some strategies that will help you obtain that big career step in the new year.


Be Your Employer’s Top ROI. 
If you want to make a career leap in 2013, it starts with ROI. What is ROI? ROI is return on investment, and every company looks to their ROI for established objectives. But objectives and goals aren’t the only reason a company and its leaders will focus on ROI. Whether or not you are on par with or out perform these objectives is also why an employer is focusing on it. Make it your personal goal to “be” your company’s ROI. Deliver a higher ROI than your employer expects; go above and beyond expectations and performance goals for the year, and you’ll find your employer investing more time in helping you obtain your personal goals.


Continue with Professional Development.
Companies offer many benefits to their employees; annual performance raises, bonuses, and vacation are just a few. But many companies also offer professional development. If your company is one that invests in its employees by offering training programs, educational reimbursements, and certifications, then you have an opportunity for advancement. Take advantage of these trainings; it not only shows your employer how serious you are about moving up, but it keeps you a step above your competition.


Become a Better Leader.
The accounting and financial world value leadership skills like no other. No matter what your position title, leadership skills are always desirable, and often hard to find. Good leaders know how to balance delegating, communicating, and role modeling a positive attitude for their staff. Professional ethics also play an important role in leadership. Qualities such as punctuality, reliability, precision, and diplomacy are valued by both employees and employers. These traits are important qualities in a leader, and are noticed by bosses. Be proactive and develop your leadership skills.


At PrideStaff Financial, we understand how hard you work to build your career. Our caring and professional staff can help you make that big career leap in 2013.  Contact one of our highly skilled financial consultants today!