Keys to Working with a Financial Recruiter

Depending on your skill level, education, and experience, the right finance employment differs from person to person. When working with an executive or financial recruiter, you need to consider how many other applicants are going up for the same jobs and know what makes you stand out. With different types of financial careers on the line, you want to ensure you get work you are passionate about. Understand the different types of financial careers available and what you are interested in. Being prepared before you even start working with a recruiter will make finding finance and accounting employment much easier and less taxing on you emotionally. Here are some questions you should be thinking about when preparing to work with finance recruiters.


Will recruiters do all the work?
The answer is no. While recruiters will do the majority of the work to find the best fit between you and an employer, they also need to rely on you for accurate information. It is your responsibility to make sure your resume is in order, spell checked, and references are ready to go.  Recruiters will look for job openings in your area of interest, prepare you for the interviews, and help with negotiation offers; they can even help you with resume preparation if you’re stuck. But if you don’t know what type of job you’re looking for, or are unwilling to help yourself prepare for the interview, then it makes the recruiter’s job that much harder, and leaves you feeling that they aren’t listening to your needs. It’s important to have open communication with the recruiter and be prepared when going in to meet with one.


Will a recruiter work with me if I don’t have top-notch credentials?
Yes. When contacting a recruiter, the best thing you can do is tell the truth. Be honest about your previous searches, why you’re contacting them and work history. Many recruiters will conduct background checks thoroughly and a lie that’s discovered could hurt your reputation with a search professional. Recruiters want to do the best they can to find you the perfect fit for a job. If you feel you’re lacking in a skill set or credential, ask the recruiter what you can do to remedy that. Showing initiative can go a long way with recruiters and the employers they link you to.

Will a recruiter be offended if I have boundaries on the jobs I’ll take?

You may not realize it, but you’re actually making the recruiter’s job easier by offering them a reference guide as to the type of job you want.  Let recruiters know if certain industries, employers or geographic areas are off limits. But also keep in mind that the narrower your search parameter, the fewer options you’ll likely have to consider. 


No job search will be complete without the best finance recruitment firm. You want to guarantee that you are making the most out of whatever services you use and that you have the best recruiters working on your job situation. Pridestaff Financial works to make sure you find the best career fit for your needs. Contact us today to learn more!