Recruiting Tips for Bringing Top Finance Staff to Small Businesses

Small business can sometimes feel like minnows in the shark tank—constantly competing against larger companies to recruit top finance talent. Larger companies have the financial and staffing support to recruit top candidates. On top of that, they can offer very enticing benefits and 401K packages that many small businesses may not be able to compete with. 

However, with a bit of ingenuity, creativity, and strong retention policies, your small business can recruit right alongside the big dogs—and in many cases steal talent away. PrideStaff Financial has some tips to help you recruit the top finance talent you are looking for.

Build Your Employment Brand

Brand awareness for a small business is all about marketing. Making your small business visible via media channels, social media platforms, radio, and website design will help you engage and entice potential candidates. 

Top young professionals do their research.  They want to see who you are, what you’re about, where you are headed and what other employees have to say about working for your company. Your online presence allows your human resource staff to communicate the company’s outstanding benefits and what the company can offer.  A solid online marketing strategy can level the recruitment playing field and position you as an Employer of Choice.  

Update Your Website

Want to explain to candidates how great your business is and what a wonderful environment you offer? A rich, vibrant website will do just that. A great website allows you to post details about the different areas of your company. Areas such as, management’s accomplishments, culture, benefit packages, successes or “wins” for the company, kudos from clients, community involvement, awards, and employee recognition.  Top candidates want to work with winning organizations—so don’t be afraid to publically celebrate successes.  A website that is alive with detail allows you to add layers to the information you can share with potential candidates. 

Does your management staff have regular bylines in journals or trade publications? Do you regularly offer event sponsorships or top notch employee training? Do you have talented writers that can add colorful or timely information regarding the industry? All of this can be added to a website to keep it fluid, rich with content, and engaging for candidates you’re interested in recruiting.

Celebrate Being a Small(er) Company  

The best way to recruit top finance candidates is to show them why it’s great to work for a small business. Working for a small business means opportunities to expand beyond the job description. Everyone helps and everyone is part of the team. A candidate can quickly obtain new skills, learn new areas of the craft, and can have a direct impact on the bottom line. 

Small business means that each employee plays a significant role in the success of the company. Instead of getting lost in a sea of staff, management, and directors, a candidate will know that what they are contributing directly affects the business. In a small business, candidates may be recognized more often, and be afforded opportunities for greater responsibility—thus giving candidates job stability, satisfaction and more opportunity within the company.

PrideStaff Financial knows the value of small business and the importance of top rate recruiting. Contact us today to find out how we can help you recruit top finance candidates to your small business.