Stand Out From the Start

“The driving force of a career must come from the individual. Remember: jobs are owned by the company, you own your career!”- Earl Nightingale

The first day of a new job can be one of the most stressful days a person will go through. With all the firsts we have in our lives, the first day at a new job may be one of the most nerve-wracking. There are two things to remember that will help you get through your first day. One- you’re not alone; everyone else in the company has gone through that “first day feeling”, andtwo- make your first day memorable!  Here are a few steps to help you do this:

Get to work early.
If you want to make a great first impression, get to work early. Know how you will commute to work before your first day and complete a few “trial runs” to get familiar with rush hour traffic times and to assure yourself you will be early. Arrive to the office 15 minutes before you are supposed to be there. Set up your desk area, get file folders put together, contact IT to let them know you are there, and start reading through the HR manual while you are waiting for people to trickle in. If your company offers onboarding, then the above steps will help you get prepared while you wait for HR. If onboarding is not offered, then this is a great way to get familiar with company policy and protocol before you meet with your boss. 

Be friendly.  
While it may be nerve-wracking to go through the process of getting to know people, the only way to break the ice is to be friendly with co-workers right off the bat. Introduce yourself as they come into the office and offer some small pieces of information about yourself. You don’t need to have a deep conversation with people your first day, but you do want them to feel comfortable around you, and vice versa. The last thing you want is to be so introverted that you continually walk past someone in the hall and never know their name. Make the rounds; stop by the directors’ and senior managers’ offices and ask if they have a few minutes. Ask them questions about what it takes to be successful at the company, how they did it, and small talk about things you take interest in. Let people get to know you and your first day will go smoothly and quickly.

Make time for the boss.  
Chances are, your first day will be pre-scheduled to a degree. So don’t set high expectations of all that you will complete. Take the above steps, but then allow time for your boss to get you familiarized with the company. They will want to show you around, go through policies, and then maybe give you some work . Make sure your schedule is flexible that day, in case your boss gives you an extra assignment or asks you to stay late. This will go a long way toward making a great first impression. 

PrideStaff Financial wants you to have a great first day, and make a lasting impression that will not only reduce first day anxiety but will help you in a long-lasting career. For more tips and tools to a great first day, Contact us today.