Three Networking Strategies for Introverts

Does the thought of networking or being in a room with lots of people make your palms clammy? Does your heart race at the thought of networking and meeting new people? Would you rather be in your corner cubicle, alone, not socializing with colleagues (unless you are one-on-one or in an office meeting?) Then, you may just be an introvert. Over half the United States population is. Explore tailored networking techniques designed for introverted individuals, empowering you to expand your professional network and uncover exciting career opportunities with confidence. Expand your network even further by working with an accredited recruiting firm like our team

Have a “buddy”:

You know the adage, “Two is better than one”—well, that saying works perfectly for introverts trying to network. If you dread walking into the room alone, bring a friend or colleague for support. It’s a time-tested tool that has worked very well and improves your comfort level. You can even bring a new coworker so that your “job” at the event is to introduce them.

Rule of two hacks: 

Rather than going into a room and collecting two dozen new business cards, go with the intent of having a genuine conversation with just two people. That’s it. Just two people you didn’t know before. Set yourself this small but meaningful goal and give yourself permission to leave once it’s accomplished. Do this a few times and try to increase it to three or four as you continue to network.

Offer to volunteer:

Professional groups almost always need someone to man the registration table and hand out program materials and other tasks. By volunteering to help, you automatically get introduced to others and have a role to fulfill. Plus, it looks good to the higher-ups, so it’s a win-win.

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