Three Ways to Break the Ice with Your New Boss

Starting a new job has its perks—like a clean slate, flexible work hours, better pay. But being the new girl/guy can also be lonely, especially if the new job is also in a new city or state. In the best-case scenario, your office colleagues and boss will welcome you with open arms, but in many cases, building relationships at work isn’t quite that easy. Whether you find yourself in a close-knit office where everyone seems like they’ve been friends forever, or you’re just a little shy, Pridestaff Financial has three easy steps to break the ice with your new boss and colleagues.

Find Common Ground: Think of how comfortable you might feel if, while living thousands of miles from where you grew up, you met someone from your hometown. That sense of connectedness creates an instant connection and bond between two people.

When you meet your new boss, do your best to find something you two may have in common. Use open-ended questions to discover some personal information about them: perhaps you attended the same school or university, have the same favorite vacation spot, grew up in the same city, know the same people, or root for the same sports team.

Remember, any common ground can help break the ice with your new boss and colleagues.  It can even help to have an interest in someone’s life or hobbies, or to share similar beliefs and values.

Be Empathetic: Empathy is about understanding other people by seeing things from their perspective, and recognizing their emotions. Once you achieve this, it’s easier to get “on their level.”

Establishing empathy means developing your emotional intelligence so that you can understand others better. Perceptual Positioning is another way to break the ice with a new boss or colleagues. This is a technique for seeing things from other people’s perspectives; from their point of view.

Remember the Basics: In breaking the ice with a new boss, or trying to establish quality dialogue and communication with others, you should also use the tried-and-true basics:

  • Shaking hands firmly.
  • Looking people in the eye (in an appropriate manner). 
  • Smiling. 
  • Holding your head up and maintaining good posture. 
  • Asking open-ended questions. 
  • Being sincere. 
  • Facing the other person instead of looking at your computer screen or mobile device.

These basic tenets form the foundation of great communication, and it’s hard to establish trust and a positive relationship without them.

Pridestaff Financial values its relationships with its clients the same way you value a good working relationship with your new boss. Let Pridestaff Financial help you make the most of your new start. Contact the financial career experts at PrideStaff Financial to learn more!