Top Financial Jobs from PrideStaff Financial

Are you looking for a career change in 2013? Do you want to pursue a new and exciting job in finance or accounting? According to Money Magazine, 2013 will be the most lucrative year since 2007 in the financial job market sector. Areas such as financial analyst, accounting, market research analyst and computer systems analyst are among the best jobs for 2013. Pridestaff Financial wants to arm you with the best information possible so you can find a career that fits your needs!

Do You Need a Master’s Degree? While jobs in the financial sector are extremely competitive, taking the right steps and planning ahead can go a long way when looking for a career in finance or accounting. Many with bachelor’s degrees in accounting can find a multitude of jobs. Most companies will take someone with a bachelor’s degree plus experience in the field; some companies require certification (CPA’s for example), but are willing to pay for certification. If it’s a job in finance you’re looking for, and you have a bachelor’s degree; diversify your financial work experience, and learn to talk the talk (meaning immerse yourself in financial reading; learn the “lingo”,) then you put yourself in a competitive bracket from the start.

What Jobs are Out There? According to CNN Money Magazine these jobs are going to be dynamic forces in 2013: Solar Sales Consultant – Energy is an ever increasing market with demand for skills in a wide array of areas. The wholesale sector of Solar Consulting requires at least a bachelor’s, but many look for those with MBA’s. Central to the job is being able to make financial calculations and interpret complex codes that deal with building improvements and forecasting projections for the company. In the world of computers, the up and coming job is IT Data Scientist. According to CNN, the market has grown 18% in the last ten years with significant demand in 2013. It is a cutting edge field with a command for statistics, math and analytics. Lastly, Market Research Analysts are becoming central to many businesses; it is a niche field that is high in demand. These analysts study market conditions to examine the potential of a product or service. There is a large amount of collecting and analyzing of financial data that is then translated into a report. Working in nearly every industry, these analysts are usually required to have at least a bachelor’s degree in business or finance.

What If I’m Still in School or Have Just Graduated? Don’t count yourself out of the running if you’re still in school or freshly graduated. What you lack in the work experience department you make up for in internship qualifications. Many companies are looking for people willing to take on internships instead of “out and out hiring.” Doing this gives a company a feel for a candidate’s potential in the position; determine “right fit” for the company, or to save money. Companies that are willing to take on interns look for those who have just finished a higher education, are still in school, or are considering going back to school. If you fall into this category, take advantage of the opportunities that are there. It’s a great way for you to gain experience and network for the future.

PrideStaff Financial knows how important it is for you to find the right career. Contact one of our career consultants today to find out more about current job opportunities, and get a head start on your career.