What Good are Resolutions if You Don’t Stick to Them!

“If you want to achieve your highest aspirations, identify and apply the principles that govern the results you seek.”- Stephen R. Covey


Stephen Covey’s book “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” breaks down various paradigms that discuss ways to find both professional and personal success. In the financial world, being “successful” can get lost in translation; meaning that when the primary focus is on making ends meet, “career resolutions” can get pushed aside. Don’t let your goals get lost in translation! Here are a few tips from Pridestaff Financial to help you stick to your career resolutions: 

  • Create An Action Plan.  Determining where you want your career to go starts with an action plan. Where do you want to be at the end of this year? What do you want to learn? Are you willing to take some risks? Start with some simple questions; keeping in mind what your current company can offer. Understanding how your company and your action plan fit together merely help you identify whether or not your company can help you achieve the goals you seek. Once your action plan is written you should be able to identify whether you’re looking for a raise, a promotion, or a new job. Now it’s time to put your plan into action! 

  • Take on more responsibilities. If your aim is a new position or a leadership role then the content of your action plan needs to include stretching your responsibilities. Recognize key places where you want to focus your energy and then identify how you’ll reach those goals. Take on some of the duties associated with the position you desire. Identify someone currently in that role and ask them to mentor you; the purpose is to acquire the skills and knowledge of the position you’re interested in, and coincidently show your bosses that you can do the work required for that position.
  • You’re Worth that Promotion! Before venturing into your boss’s office to ask for a raise or promotion, you need to prove to them you’re worth it. You don’t want to convey the message that it’s just about the money; you want to use hard facts that prove how valuable you are to the company. Have you been instrumental in improving revenue? Have you made changes or recommendations that have been positive for your department? Have you been willing to go above and beyond the job duties at your current pay scale? If a promotion/raise has been identified in your action plan, then make sure you take the necessary steps to achieve that goal.
  • Utilize a Staffing Agency. If your action plan has helped you identify that a job switch may be in order, then contact Pridestaff Financial. We can help you realize your career resolutions by actively searching for job opportunities that directly match your interest, skills and experience.

Your career resolutions are within reach! Our caring and professional staff will help you put your plan into action!  Contact one of our experienced financial consultants today!