Why You Should Say Yes to Every Job Interview!

Applying for a job is not an easy task. There is usually months of researching, resume preparation, and cover letter writing, just to be considered. Now you have multiple resumes circulating and your fate lies in the hands of those reviewing them. As you get further into the process, the phone calls start coming in yet you start to notice that previous jobs you applied to may no longer fit the criteria of what you’re looking for. You may be considering turning down the interview; here are some reasons why you shouldn’t turn down that interview- and why you should be saying “YES” to every interview that is afforded you!

It Sharpens Your Interview Skills

There are reasons why those who “land” the interview don’t necessarily “land” the job- because interviews are not easy! While you may have been competing on paper to get in the door, you are now faced with competing against other viable candidates in one-to-one or group interviews. Personality, character, presentation skills, honesty, and thoughtfulness are all things human resources and management look for during the interview process. In fields such as accounting and finance, where the competition can be fierce, management needs to know that they are hiring a potential employee that will fit with the values of their firm. Whether you really want the job or not, no amount of book reading or “google” searching will help you prepare as much as the real thing. “The more you practice, the better you will become” adage doesn’t just apply to sports and arts. The more real-world experience you obtain, the sharper your interview skills will be.

Build Your Network

If you get nothing else out of an interview, at least you are meeting people that will potentially become part of your network. The accounting and finance careers may be quite vast, but professionally the paths cross often. So as long as you conduct yourself professionally during the interview, there is no reason why you shouldn’t leave with a few connections, and where one door closes another door opens. These individuals may know of an opportunity that better suits your needs or may benefit you down the road.

You Never Know What Could Happen

There is so much information that can be gleaned from an interview. Information you truly don’t have access to until you say “yes” to the interview. Things can happen that might change the way you feel about a firm or the job. For example; explanations to the discrepancies you were hearing from previous employees, or the lower salary rate that you compared to other firms.

While it may take some muster, and serious forethought on your end; saying yes to all job interviews that come your way will always provide more positives than negatives.

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