PrideStaff Financial Seeing Increasing Salaries in Professional Accounting & Finance Positions

May 21, 2015

PrideStaff Financial reports that salaries for accounting and finance professionals are on the rise, making recruiting and retaining top industry professionals even more challenging.


“Unemployment in accounting and finance operational positions has been at or below three percent for 10 months now, indicating a sustained candidate shortage,” states Ryan Williams, Vice President of PrideStaff Financial. “At the same time, exceptional professionals – especially experienced candidates with specialized skills – know their worth in a tight market. These two factors are driving salaries higher and forcing employers to ‘ante up’ in order to attract and retain top talent. In fact, PrideStaff Financial has seen pay rates for all accounting and finance positions increase an average of 20 percent over the last two years.”


To stay competitive, Williams recommends that employers revisit their compensation levels for accounting and finance positions. “If you need to hire, or want to make sure you’re paying at or above market rates, PrideStaff can generate free, real-time salary data reports for you,” says Williams. “Based on your requirements, we can drill down by market, job type and even skill set to provide you with specific, up-to-the-minute compensation information – even if you’re not a client of ours.


“Our ultimate goal is to help employers find and retain qualified people – whether it’s by making a key placement or simply providing reliable salary data that helps a firm keep a key employee,” continues Williams. “When an employer succeeds, we know we’ve done our job.”


To access your free compensation analysis, simply contact a representative at your local PrideStaff Financial office.


About PrideStaff Financial:

PrideStaff Financial specializes in accounting and financial staffing and is a division of PrideStaff, an organization with over 65offices in North America to serve over 4,500 clients. Founded in the 1970s as 100 percent company-owned units the company began staffing franchising in 1995. With over 40 years in the staffing business, headquartered in Fresno, CA, PrideStaff offers the resources and expertise of a national firm with the spirit, dedication and personal service of smaller, entrepreneurial firms. For more information on PrideStaff services or for franchise information, visit or


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