Are You in Love With Your Career?


Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether or not you truly enjoy doing your job. Everyone starts off loving the work they do, because it’s new, fresh and challenging.

But after a grace period, comes the inevitable task of assessing if the dream of the job was better than the job itself. Being in a job you hate or are lukewarm to will not help you or your employer.

PrideStaff Financial targets the signs you should look for to help you assess whether or not you are in love with your career.

Do an attitude check.

Do you look at every situation with a negative attitude and try to convince yourself you are just having a “bad day”? If you’ve reached the point where you have to make excuses every day for your “bad day,” you could be using negativity as an excuse to be passive aggressive. If you’re negative about all of your work, you might find your productivity is slipping too. Negativity is one of the main reasons people have trouble finding motivation to complete daily tasks at work.

Burning out quickly.

It’s much easier to burn out doing work you hate than completing tasks you’re excited or passionate about. This doesn’t mean you can’t burn out while working at your dream job. But if your exhaustion stems from the fact that your career fails to inspire you, it might be time to figure out what would inspire you and energize you enough to want to complete your work.

Daydreaming about other jobs.

Do you sit at your desk, pretending you are hard at work but are secretly daydreaming of a different career? This is a sign you need to make a change. Evaluate what’s going on at your job, to make sure you aren’t just having a string of bad days, or allowing outside factors to influence you. However, don’t let the fear of the unknown keep you from moving forward. Do your job and do it well, but realize you may be ready to move on.

Don’t make excuses.

If you have to constantly remind yourself the benefits are good and you make a good salary, yet every day you grudgingly role out of bed and head to work feeling like a robot—you are not in love with your career. Making excuses or looking for reasons to stay with a job sets a precedent for further struggles going forward in your career. If you are making excuses, it’s time to look for a new job.

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