Job Hopping Can Damage Your Reputation


Most people in the working world are going to change jobs a few times. It’s a natural part of growing and building a career. However, constant job hopping is a big turn-off for employers. PrideStaff Financial explains what “job hopping” is and how it may damage your career reputation.

Job hopping doesn’t mean occasionally changing jobs.

Job hopping is moving from one company to the next for either a lateral move or promotion. It’s usually considered “hopping” when you move from one company to the next every one to two years, have done it multiple times or each move is due to something other than a layoff or company closing.

Lacking a key ingredient when job hopping.

When you hop from one company to another, you deny yourself a key ingredient to longevity—job satisfaction. Now, if you are miserable at your current job, this doesn’t apply. But for those who are simply moving around to try something new, you lose out on being part of a company’s growth and future opportunities.

Future jobs will be less secure.

If you are quick to walk out the door, it reflects on your resume—there is no hiding it. This can lead to a lack of trust with future employers. You may still get hired, but if there are layoffs or cutbacks, you may be the first to get axed given your previous track record.

Loyalty over skill can go a long way.

When hopping from job to job, you are showing future employers there is a high likelihood you will do the same to them. Many, if not all companies look at the amount of years someone has been with a company. It shows them your loyalty and strengthens your job security. Loyalty goes a long way, and from an employer’s perspective, gives them dependability they can count on. This means a great deal in today’s job market.

Before you decide to leave a company you’ve only been with for a year or so, take a good look at why you want to leave and how it can both help and harm you down the road.

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