Blog Your Way to Career Success


Blogging—the word is fairly young, making its debut in 1997 when it was coined as a “web blog.” Younger candidates may have been blogging since high school. However, for older candidates, blogging might still be an unfamiliar term. Blogging started as more of an online diary for people to share information about themselves with the masses. However, as it evolved, blogging took on new depths and is now seen as a powerful way to show your industry skills, motivation, creativity, and strong understanding of the Internet. PrideStaff Financial explains why blogging may help you land that next financial job.


Businesses are utilizing social media.
More and more companies are turning to social media for their marketing needs. It allows companies to make announcements quickly, lets customers interact with the company, and enables them to showcase their expertise within the industry in a more digitally-friendly atmosphere. Many companies have social media profiles and blogs, which are updated regularly, allowing them to post timely information that will be important to clients and other industry experts. Candidates who blog regularly and are looking to use this to their advantage must keep in mind that companies do not want to see a laundry list of “eating habits” throughout the day. If it is your intention to use a blog to win a job, then you must make sure the blog showcases your expertise and knowledge in the financial sector. Blogging will also keep your knowledge current, and allow you to keep your skills sharp as you look for work.


It gives you a digital footprint.  
When you apply for a job, the first thing employers do is investigate you by performing background checks and search online history. Having a blog will give potential employers a positive and better picture of who you are and how you carry yourself, both personally and professionally. And unlike being tagged in an unflattering image on Facebook, your blog contains content that you control to project yourself in the best possible light.


Employers want to see more than just a resume.  
Hiring managers read resumes every day; it can get boring fast. If you write a blog that represents your skills and your personality, you’ll stand out above the crush of candidates who submit their resumes on the traditional linen resume paper.


Starting a blog is not hard or complicated. For those looking to help boost a resume, a free blog can be started at sites like or Blogger and include startup tutorials. You can also call PrideStaff Financial. Our staff can help you create a resume and a digital footprint that will allow you to stand out above the rest. Contact our financial consultants today!