Boosting Employee Morale: Stop Making Employees Feel Disposable

While not every work environment is going to be perfect, by making your employees feel disposable, you’re only worsening your company’s culture. Employee morale is the attitude or outlook that people have about their work and place of employment. However, it’s about more than just how an employee feels about their job. It’s also about how they approach their daily tasks, how invested they are in the company’s mission and values, and what kind of attitude they have about the company’s direction. All of this is vital for a company to be successful. Remember, it’s not just about growth, money, and clients. If you put employees first, then they put the company first, and that is a recipe for success. In this blog post, we will discuss a few ways you can boost employee morale.

Start with a survey:

Conducting a private survey of all employees to gauge employee morale is a good way to measure where morale is on a large scale and where improvements can be made. It’s important that the survey be anonymous so that employees feel they can be truthful without repercussions. It also means you must be open and willing to hear the truth without retaliation. Once the survey is complete, you can use it to help you in areas that need improvement.

Truly live your company mission:

A recent national survey found that 75% of employees believe that well-defined goals and values cultivate a positive work culture, but only 23% of U.S. employees say they can apply their organization’s values to their daily work. This disconnect contributes to lower morale because employees feel disconnected from their work and the organization as a whole. Begin by defining your company values and identify ways to incorporate them into every aspect of the organization so that the company truly practices what it preaches.

Allow employee feedback:

Employees need to feel they have a voice and that their opinions matter, so give them plenty of opportunities to provide feedback — way more than just an annual engagement survey. A formal feedback process is great and can include regular surveys and reviews or a virtual suggestion box that employees can submit to anytime. Feedback should be welcomed at every possible opportunity. One way to do this is to conclude meetings with question-and-answer sessions or encourage managers to ask employees for their opinions about matters on a day-to-day basis. Workers who feel “heard” by leaders are five times more likely to do their best work, and the entire organization will experience higher employee morale.

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