Career Planning 2014

So how did 2013 go for you and your career?  Did you accomplish what you wanted?  Did you climb the ladder and get that promotion?  With 2014 well underway, it’s time to make sure you follow your plan for the new year and make sure you reach all of your goals.  Here are a few tips to help:

Yes you must include networking!  It might be argued that networking is on everyone’s “to do” list for a more successful year ahead.  But there is a reason for that; networking not only helps you grow intellectually, but it helps you to understand other departments, companies and how to organically grow your own career. There is a lot to be said for being willing to learn from others. But this is not an easy task for many. If you can’t survive a happy hour work get together, you won’t survive networking. So start small, and resolve to make just one new connection each quarter: Attend an industry event, reach out to a new colleague, invite someone in your field on LinkedIn for coffee — just to get started — and soon you’ll get into the habit.

Update your resume.
Even if you aren’t looking for a job, it’s always smart to take stock of what you’ve accomplished and what skills you have.  Sometimes we are surprised by what we’ve learned or added to our repertoire when we take stock of everything we accomplished in a year. You don’t have to do anything with it — but you’ll be amazed at what you may be inspired to do next once you’ve done that simple task.

Grow in many directions.  
Your “to do” list to include acquiring one new skill. It doesn’t matter what — learn about a new department in your company, learn the latest and greatest tax software, public speaking — just add something new to your personal tool kit to stay fresh and ahead of the curve. The old adage “a body at rest stays at rest; a body in motion stays in motion” also applies to our intellectual being. If you exercise your mind, it grows- get’s stronger and retains more information; do nothing and it becomes stagnant just like anything else.

Stay positive.  
Negativity brings stress and a lot of bad karma. Yes there are some colleagues whose behavior could have turned Mother Theresa into a raging, hateful co-worker. But pause, breathe and smile more often. People will admire your self-control and you’d be amazed at how you’re thought pattern shifts just by having a better attitude. 

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