Every Interview is a Learning Opportunity

No matter how prepared you think you may be for an interview, some interviews just don’t go according to plan. You may get discouraged or frustrated upon hearing someone else got the job above you, but what will matter most is how you respond. Consider a failed interview as a “lessoned learned”; applying those lessons to prepare you for future interviews.  Here are some tips from PrideStaff Financial on using every interview as a learning opportunity.


Hit the rewind button on the interview.
Review the interview over in your mind to try and figure out what went wrong or where problems may have occurred; jotting down your thoughts or notes as you hit “replay”. Objectively review your answers to the questions they asked, your interaction with the interviewer and how you presented yourself. Take note of any awkwardness you may have felt, moments where you may have stumbled answering questions or said “um” too many times. Be honest with yourself. Go through your notes and identify what areas were weakest and what you can expand on or adjust for future interviews.


Ask your interviewer to hit the rewind button too.
Perhaps the interview went poorly because your inability to answer questions about the company showed you had not done your homework. Or maybe you had not thought about how you would answer some of the questions they asked. Maybe you were caught off guard by a question and it showed. Once some time passes (meaning not the day after you received the thanks but…) ask the interviewer for their advice on how you can improve your performance for next time.  Get their feedback on what they saw and were thinking as they interviewed you. Their comments might identify areas or shortcomings you could not identify in your personal rewind session. Ask for specific examples and use their input to adjust your approach to your next interview.  

Try role-playing interviews based on your notes.
Take advantage of opportunities for practice interviews to improve your interviewing skills. Job training facilities often provide workshops on how to handle interviews; often times job search firms or recruiters have access to these facilities in your local area. Utilize a more experienced friend or mentor in the accounting or finance industry to practice interviews with you and help you identify where you need to strengthen responses. When doing practice interviews like this, you need to act as if it is the real deal. That means don’t show up to your friend’s house in tattered jeans and a t-shirt. Dress as you would if going on a real job interview. Ask the individual for feedback regarding appearance, demeanor, behavior and answers. Present a more confident and learned you for that next interview.


PrideStaff Financial cares about your success in job searching. Our consultants will help you find the best career fit and give you the tools necessary to be the best you can be in your next interview. Our team can also help you prepare for your interview and answer any questions you might have. Contact us today to learn more!