Developing Future Financial Leaders

Having the know-how to develop future leaders is an integral part of any organization. In order for this to happen, the most rudimentary question needs to be asked: What is leadership?


Dr. Stephen P. Robbins, the world’s #1 best-selling textbook author in the areas of management and organizational behavior, defines leadership as “the ability to influence a group toward the achievement of a vision or set of goals.”

Leaders can be seen as having a number of traits; from confident, determined, and decisive to charismatic, enthusiastic, and courageous.  Leaders can emerge from within an organization as well as by formal appointment from outside an organization. With the ebb and flow of today’s business market it is important to have leaders who can create a vision of the future, and inspire employees to want to achieve that vision.


As a current company leader you have the passion and skill to find, and prepare, the next generation of leaders, and PrideStaff Financial has the support and tools to help you:


Identify Leadership Traits. Common traits usually found in potential leaders include: assertiveness, high sociability, cooperative, trusting, dependable, persistent, highly organized, self-confident with a willingness for continued learning, and the ability to develop relationships within the company as well as with outside partners.


Coaching and Development. Once a leadership candidate is identified, the next step is to provide exposure to the depth and breadth of your company. Break down organizational objectives into three categories: functional, departmental, and team targets.  This will help your candidate understand how your organization functions, and give them a better understanding of their “new role.” People learn in different ways, and motivating them is crucial.  Providing a “stretch” project can help them learn real business problems and the tools to solve them.


Incentives and Continued Growth. Greater financial compensation, new job titles, or assignment of challenging projects; no matter the direction you choose, it’s important to listen to your candidate. Learn what motivates him or her, then find creative ways of tapping into those motivations to meet your own agenda.


Developing future financial leaders is a great way to improve performance and grow your organization; partnering with PrideStaff Financial is another. Our financial recruiters are experts in research and placement, listening to your needs to find you the best candidates possible. Contact your local PrideStaff Financial office, and recruit your next financial leader today!