Embrace – Don’t Resist – That Big Transition You’ve Been Dealt

Career changes. Empty nest. Divorce. After any big life transition, we may think “now what?” Answering that question can be exciting or overwhelming depending on your approach. Here’s how to figure out what to do next.

Take a step back and look at all the information:

It can be easy to get lost in our heads and the myriad of anxious thoughts and doubts we have when big changes like a career transition occur. We need to really hone our thinking, challenge negative thoughts, and re-calibrate our mindset. This takes more than just ‘being positive’, it requires practical action. Create a list of all the pros and cons of the transition you’re facing. Spend some time really reflecting on what this change could mean. Break down the overall list into different categories — financial, social, family, personal, professional — and use this information to help guide your decisions about what to do next.

Coping Strategies:

When facing a career transition, think about what coping strategies you might need to ensure you can manage the change effectively. Allow yourself to think about ‘the worst-case scenario’ and create an action plan for how you would handle this. It’s not about focusing on the negative, but about being realistic as to what might happen, and making a plan that demonstrates you can totally handle it, whatever it might be.

Build a community:

It’s easy to get overwhelmed about a big life transition if you don’t have a community around you that can identify with what you’re going through and rally in your corner. Connect with industry professionals online and in person. They can give you advice and guidance and help you learn more about your new career path. They might also recommend job openings or introduce you to hiring managers. Build your network by attending industry events, joining an association, and communicating with successful people in your field through professional networking websites.

Behavior is everything:

If you tell yourself you can’t deal with the “change” or transition, you will be right. If you tell yourself, you can deal with it and that you will find a way through it — you will! Embracing a significant change in life whether career or personal has more to do with the emotional bandwidth you give it than it does with successfully making it through. You need to take stock of your emotional skill set; figure out what tools (emotional tools) you have at your disposal to deal with the transition ahead. If you get overwhelmed by negative thoughts, such as you’ll only fail, you’re not good enough, you can’t cope with the demands of a new job, etc., then this will dictate your behavior and you won’t reach for your goals.

Believe it or not, positive affirmations can help:

Positive affirmations are a handy strategy advocated for by meditation and mindfulness coaches as well as career coaches. It’s where you say positive statements to yourself on a daily basis, even if you don’t believe they are entirely true. It helps to develop more positive cognitive processes and can help you to achieve real-world success, and help you embrace the life change in a more meaningful way.

Get help from a recruiter:

Part of building your community means asking for help. Working with a staffing recruiter can be an adjustment, but it can also put you on a path to success. Recruiters can take the guesswork out of the “what to do next” question and help guide you by creating an action plan based on your skills, goals, desires, and life circumstances.

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