Fun Halloween Costumes for the Accounting Geek Inside You!


In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun—” Mary Poppins

Working hard does not mean being miserable. Every job, every career, every corporation can build in elements of fun, especially around the holidays—and Halloween is no exception. Here are a few fun and work-safe accounting and finance-themed Halloween costume ideas.

Money, money, money:

Not to state the obvious, but it’s what you do, so why not have fun with it! However, don’t walk into work dressed as a dollar bill. Get creative. Go as a reference to the “made-of-money man” in the Geico commercials—or an adorable baby swaddled in a sack of money (you’ll need a partner for this one). If you really want to make them laugh, take a tip from comedian Samantha Bee, and dress as a green and white “cash cow” (the cow spots are green money signs).

Market crash:

Craft a “market crash” costume in a matter of minutes by taping a fever line on a T-shirt with some masking or electrical tape. Take simple light-up accessories to dress it up, and you’ve got a flash crash. You can also extend the fever line across your torso, to make the costume one for pairs.

Use children’s costumes and customize:

Take the simple theme of Cookie Monster from Sesame Street, dress in blue, (women can add blue tutu’s), and in place of cookies being eaten, it’s dollar bills. Place them all over the outfit, and carry an accessory pail filled with round green money dotted in chocolate chips! Another great costume (now that the crisis is behind us) is to take the theme of Raggedy Ann and Andy, and turn them into Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. Just grab red wigs, sailor suits, clown/cheek make-up, and a marker to write the names on the shirts.

Group costume:

For those who truly want the “inside pun,” take a group of your colleagues, wear tags with ticker symbols, and represent each of the current Dogs of the Dow.

Financial bailout:

For the geek at heart, take one of your favorite Marvel Comic Heroes, buy the costume, and carry a bucket labeled $700 billion stuffed with fake cash.

CEOs get involved!

Yes, even CEOs can dress up for Halloween. A fan of Warren Buffett? Do your best impression with a comb over, rumpled grey suit, square glasses and don’t forget that ukulele. Like Sheryl Sandberg? Wear a brunette wig with the perfect blow-out, a bright pink power suit and carry around the book “Lean In.”

There are many fun and creative ways to let your geek shine, and celebrate this spooky holiday.

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