Hiring a Work in Progress


The world is not a perfect place—and neither are the human beings that inhabit it. Not everyone is going to be an exact match or possess the perfect skill set you may need for your company. But instead of trying to find someone who already has the perfect skills, learn how to measure a worker’s potential and eagerness to learn instead.


The problem solver is a vital worker.

A strong quality to look for is resourcefulness and trainability. Most jobs deal with problems, hiccups and lack of resources. Trying to figure out how to overcome them without going over budget or alienating colleagues is essential. When you think about it, problem solving is really at the core of learning. When a worker can be resourceful and tackle tough problems, they will not only embrace the concept of training, but will most likely soak it up like a sponge. Problem solvers make ideal employees because they approach obstacles in a solution-oriented manner instead of avoiding them or looking for others to blame.


Look for a passionate worker.

When a worker is passionate, they are fully invested in the job. Passionate employees persevere through tough challenges and corporate setbacks. These workers follow through on commitments, are always on time and complete assignments on time or ahead of schedule. They are also dependable. And if you can rely on them to do their job well, you can rely on them to embrace training and an eagerness to learn. A smart manager will never undervalue dependability when deciding whether to spend more time looking for that perfect skill set.


The flexible employee.

One thing you can count on in your company is change. All companies go through change; peaks and valleys throughout the year. If you find an employee who is flexible and able to roll with the punches, you have yourself a potentially trainable employee. Workers who can adapt well won’t get stressed out when the business abruptly changes course or tries something new. A flexible employee is one that steps back to consider all points of view before making decisions.


Positive attitude trumps perfect skills.

While it would be perfect to find a worker that matches your ideal skill set, a potential employee’s demeanor may be a better match for your future needs. Does the person have a go-getter attitude? Are they enthusiastic about the job and eager to get started? People like this will jump at the chance to learn new skills, understand the importance of corporate culture and be ready to help in a pinch. Not every “perfect skill set” worker has the attitude to match. This can cause unforeseen problems. But a positive and enthusiastic outlook is an indicator of a great employee.


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