An Exciting Meeting? Unheard Of!


There’s nothing worse than meetings that never seem to go anywhere, are scheduled too often or leave a lackluster impression on employees. When potentially pointless meetings take place, it takes away from ‘real work’ that could be done in the meantime. Here are some ways you can create a fun, positive and creative atmosphere during meetings.


Put your best mood forward.

If you want employees to be energized and engaged at meetings, you need to be energized and engaged. Employees will mimic the energy level of others around them and look for clues as to the tone of the meeting. Start your meetings off right by being a presence of positive uplifting energy, and stay positive and uplifting even if you notice someone else being negative. You can impact meetings by engaging those around you in a way that helps them do the same.


Put your best news forward.

Just as you need to have a positive mood, you also need to start meetings with positive news. Don’t begin a meeting by going over everything that hasn’t gone right—instead acknowledge successes and how they have helped the company’s overall mission and goals.  Recognition is an important part of building a positive culture. When preparing for your next meeting, make sure your mental checklist includes praise. You can always find somebody doing something right, and it should be mentioned.


Activities are fun and unexpected.

Depending on the length of each meeting, it’s always a good idea to insert a quick activity to energize or re-engage the group. Once you’ve started your meeting, brought a positive tone to it and mentioned all the good things that are going on, it’s time to get into the meat of the meeting. Before doing so, take five minutes to have everyone get up and either stretch or participate in a quick exercise. Jumping jacks, yoga stretches or even bringing in a fun snack (like ice cream during hot months) for everyone to consume during the next section of the meeting is a great way to boost morale. This helps break up the meeting and get everyone re-engaged before diving into potentially tough topics or problems that need to be solved. Another way to make sure everyone is involved is to assign the mid-meeting boost to a different employee each time. Let someone else pick the fun activity or snack and rotate each meeting.


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