Hiring New Grads—the Guide to Selecting Winners

School is almost out— soon, students will be graduating. As our economy shifts to a new normal, many college graduates will be unsure of next steps. So too, will many businesses.

We will see the other side of this pandemic, and businesses will need strong employees with skills to help them get back on track. Here are tips to make sure you’re bringing on motivated and skilled talent, not lost souls.

Dazzle candidates:

There are little things that you can learn about candidates while you are sourcing, marketing, recruiting, and nurturing relationships before they even set foot in the door. By paying attention to a job candidate’s responses, and securing the most motivated, it helps to learn as much about them (even outside of their work skills) as possible.

That way, the candidate knows that the recruiter or hiring manager has been listening and it makes them want to work for your organization. Give the candidate something in line with his or her passion—professional or personal—along with an offer letter. It’s special. Call it a “micro-moment” that sticks! Where can your organization make it so the candidate is dazzled and ready to say yes?

Know your audience of graduates:

Understand the generation you are appealing to. This next set of graduates is considered the Gen Z generation. They’ve had their finger on the digital pulse—literally. With access to tech like Siri and Alexa, current graduates are accustomed to having information at their fingertips. Are you meeting them where they want to be met?

Let candidates know that you want to follow up with them and ask them how they would like it to be done. Email? Phone call? Texts? Facebook Messenger? Ask what they like and then do that. Gone are the days of a cookie-cutter approach where one approach is applied to all hiring processes. Graduates, especially the motivated talent you seek, need to know that you can adapt to current trends and needs.

Rethink your hiring strategies:

As we head into unknown territory with an economy slowly starting to emerge from solitude, and to ease the college graduate hiring process, consider rethinking your experience and skills requirements. What are the absolute musts when it comes to the necessary experience and skills?

Instead of focusing on hands-on experience that is directly relevant, you should aim to focus on transferable skills and look at what candidates did in school beside studying. Internships, part-time jobs, extracurricular activities, and volunteering are all excellent examples of what you can look at to determine if a candidate is a good fit for your organization.

Build on your brand:

Today’s entry-level employees expect more from their employers than just a salary and a desk; they’re looking for companies they’ll be proud to be part of. That’s why it’s important to focus on building out your employer brand and having a strong mission that comes across to potential hires.

By focusing on this, your company is seen as an “employer of choice” by new college graduates; allowing you to grab the most motivated and skilled, and beating out competitors in attracting top talent.

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