How to Turn a Temporary Financial Job Into a Career

While temporary work can seem like taking an endless turn on a merry-go-round, it actually provides benefits that you may not get otherwise. Companies are looking to hire only the best of the best, but how can you show them you are the best when you can’t even get in the door? The business sector is a tremendously competitive field, think of how hard the U.S. Soccer team worked to get ahead in the World Cup – that’s how hard you have to work to stand out in today’s market. And while temp work may not offer the upfront job security or benefits plan you seek, it does get your foot in the door. Once you accomplish that, then the stage is yours! Here are some great tips to stand out from the pack in a temporary position.

Don’t Look a Temp Job in the Mouth: 

According to a survey by McKinsey Global Institute, 58% more employers are looking to hire temp and contract workers over the next several years. The reason is, that while the job market is slowly picking back up, there is still too much variability and instability to ensure steady growth. Employers are looking at temp workers from a financial perspective, due to costs associated with hiring full-time workers. Employers look at temp hires as a great way to cut costs, while still maintaining a steady workflow. With the rise in hiring temp workers, it is the perfect opportunity for you to take advantage of what employers are looking for: someone committed to hard work that is temporary. Most employers are seeking to “try out” a candidate before committing to full-time work status. So instead of passing on that temporary job, think about the advantages it gives you over that candidate who has to have full-time work. It may just turn out to benefit you in a way you never thought possible.

 A Cultural Fit: 

According to Forbes, 70% of temporary hires become full-time employees. So how do you turn that next temp job into your full-time career? Make sure you know what the boss needs, then go above and beyond. Being a reliable employee, especially when it is a temp job, shows your boss how committed you are to him/her, the company, and the job itself. Show up on time, deliver quality work and be a team player. Getting to know how the company runs and the culture of the company will help you give the company what it needs, not what you think it needs. Do this and you will be providing yourself with the best chance for full-time work.

Take Initiative: 

While you may be new to a company, you probably have valuable work experience that you can bring to the table. A temp position offers you the perfect chance to show off your talents. If you have ideas that could make processes within the job more efficient or effective, then make a list and share them with your boss. Being proactive in sharing your ideas or thoughts for improvements, volunteering for opportunities that come up, or simply getting involved with your team in implementing change, go a long way in showing your boss why they may need to hire you full time.  

Taking initiative and being proactive in a job that may be temporary can seem like a big gamble, but how you approach temporary work will either set you on a new course for career success or lead you to that endless ride on the merry-go-round. If you’re willing to take the chance, PrideStaff Financial will help get you where you want to be. Contact us today to learn how we can help you turn your next temp job into a full-time career!