3 Benefits To Using Temporary Summer Staffing

According to Forbes Magazine, there are roughly two million people in the United States that work as temporary or seasonal workers. Two million temporary workers is nothing to scoff at and it says quite a lot about the trend of temporary or seasonal work. For many companies, seasonal workers are not just a luxury but a necessity. Seasonal workers help balance the equilibrium around the office, keep staff from burn out, and help reduce high turn over rates in otherwise very stressful and competitive jobs.  PrideStaff Financial has some tips on how temporary workers can help your company stay on track.

Fluctuations can be handled with ease:Hiring temporary workers helps your company deal with the ever increasing workforce fluctuations. Whether it is projects with tight deadlines, unexpected illnesses, multiple disability leaves or sudden departures, temporary workers can help fill these gaps without shaking up the company. This takes pressure off your other employees, reduces stress, and keeps your teams balanced.

Flow and Efficiency: One of the most common trends in today’s financial marketplace is flexibility in the workforce. Companies are finding increasing demand for work/life balance and flexible or “alternative” schedules. Maintaining steadiness between temporary and full time employees allows for an efficient work place, greater possibilities for employer and employee, job security, and improved productivity. Ultimately, it is in a company’s best interests to maintain efficiency, output, and a work/life balance. Striking this fine line shows your employees the strength of your company and where you are headed for the future.

Saving time and money: Hiring temporary or seasonal employees cuts down on cost, health benefits, and time. HR staff are already taxed to the maximum at many financial companies , and if there is a plan in place to hire temporary staff when needed, it cuts down on the time and money HR staff  spend on recruitment, interviewing, on-boarding, and benefits. Knowing where and when you tend to need extra workers helps greatly in planning ahead and partnering with the right staffing firm to be more efficient. 

A staffing strategy that leverages temporary help and assistance from a firm like PrideStaff Financial gives your company flexibility and greater opportunity to meet business goals and objectives.

PrideStaff Financial considers both client and candidate relationships vital to long lasting and positive career fit. We take pride in matching the right candidate to the right company, making sure to meet your needs. Contact us today to learn how we can help you meet your summer staffing needs.