How to Unwind After Tax Season

Saying a job is stressful may feel like an understatement to those in the accounting profession, when hour can top out at 70 per week during a busy season.

Recovering from 70+ hour weeks, jam packed tax packages, and computer disgust, is greatly needed and much deserved. For those who are willing to take it, a “breather” is not only rejuvenating, but usually needed. Here are a few ways to unwind when the much anticipated April 15th deadline arrives:

Social Activity; Make it Happen!
From February 1st- April 15th most tax consultants are held up in their offices filing paperwork. Six to Seven day work weeks are typical and many don’t see light until it’s over. Depending on the firm you work for or with, some provide social gatherings on the 15th or close to it. Whether it’s a wine tour, social hour at a local jaunt, or just getting together to play golf, getting together with your colleagues is usually a good way to shake off those tax webs.

Take Advantage of April 15th Tax Deals.
Tax season is about more than just deadlines; it’s about taking advantage of great deals on everything from cookies to spa days. And if you think that these deals don’t apply to you, think again! Many companies know how hard people work during the year, and how hard CPA’s work to save people money. So in the spirit of April 15th many places, like Cinnabon, offer deals for a day or the week after the 15th.

Boston Market offers two rib meals with two sides and cornbread, while Brueggers offers a bag of 13 bagels and two tubs of cream cheese. If you really want to unwind, take advantage of the HydroMassage coupon offer. During the week of April 15th, they offer 15 minute free massage sessions. These, plus many other deals, are offered because companies know how stressful tax season can be on everyone.

Take Time Off.
When your in the grove of working 70 hour weeks, it’s hard to power down when the season ends. Many CPA’s keep going; with private practices, or administrative maintenance. But everybody needs a break now and then. Don’t feel guilty about that week long tip you have planned, starting the day after the 15th, or those shortened work weeks during the summer. While three or four months may not seem like much of a sacrifice to some, when you’re pulling double duty five or six days a week for that long, it wears on you physically and mentally. It’s ok to say “I need time off”. The administrative tasks or “housekeeping”, and your private practice will still be there when you get back. But allow yourself that time to unwind.

Pridestaff Financial understands how hard you work, and what the end of tax season means. It’s not only important for you to unwind, but it’s an important step to take to show your staff the importance of a good “work/life balance”. Pridestaff Financial wants to help you continue to be at your best, contact us today.