In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb

This saying is used to describe the weather in March in many parts of the country.  But this saying can also draw similar parallels to hiring. A candidate can sometimes appear like a lion in the interview (strong, confident, ready to lead), only to find out they are really a lamb on the job. 

Before you can recruit leaders from general advertisements or from within your organization, it is very important to understand the qualities required for effective leadership. It’s even more important to have the skills, strategies and tactics to identify those qualities that make a potentially great, and more importantly, consistent hire.

PrideStaff Financial has put together some interview tips to help you identify true leadership skills.    

  • It’s all in the questions you ask!
    Areas like decision-making, communication, supervision skills, and technical skills are all important leadership skills. Crafting questions that specifically correlate to these skill sets is crucial in finding someone who not only has leadership qualities, but also lives up to what they put on paper. Here are a few examples of leadership style questions: What was the toughest decision you made recently? Have you ever given instructions that someone didn’t follow? Why did that happen? How did you handle it? How do you monitor your staff’s per¬formance?
  • Back to basics.
    This should say it all! When interviewing candidates for a job or leadership role, it’s important to return to the fundamentals of leadership style. Authenticity – they have integrity, admit mistakes, and don’t let “an ego” get in the way. Propensity to lead – they step up to leadership opportunities, don’t shy away from responsibility, and can handle crisis. Strength – they have strength of character and strength (aka confidence) in themselves to bring out the best in others. If you remember these fundamentals during the interview process, you will find it much easier to navigate what leadership qualities to look for.
  • Use your own experiences.
    Relying on past personal experience from a job, or in a leadership role may serve you well in zeroing in on what to look for from an interviewee. Recall certain skills and attributes that you demonstrated in a non-managerial role, that if done well, were predictors of managerial success. If need be, write those skills down. Then draft questions that target what you believe to be good employee and leadership qualities. What’s important to you will reflect on how you interview candidates, and who you ultimately end up hiring….a lion or a lamb.

Hiring the right management staff is just as important as hiring for non-management positions. PrideStaff Financial wants to help you get the most from your potential managers. Our financial staffing consultants know the importance of keeping your goals in mind; helping you recruit the right candidates for your firm!