New Manager, Supervisor or Job? Here’s How to Start on the Right Foot


Starting a new position within the company comes with great rewards and challenges. Whether you know colleagues already working for a company, have a great rapport or are completely new to a job, a new boss means you’re starting from square one in terms of earning their trust and approval. PrideStaff Financial offers some tips to start you off on the right foot.

Keep expectations balanced.

You may have had an amazing relationship with an old boss, but building a solid foundation with your new manager will take time. Find common ground with a new manager as you get to know them, and be flexible with work habits as you figure out their preferences and communication style. The more willing you are to go with the flow as they settle in, the quicker they’ll feel like they can rely on you.

Allow for mistakes.

No transition is ever perfect, so have weekly or twice-weekly meetings in the beginning to check in with your new boss, before any disasters occur.   

Relationships are important.

Building connections with colleagues and peers across the organization—not just the people you interact with directly—helps establish the job and the company are important to you. Building meaningful and genuine relationships is important if you want to establish trust, which is critical for those transitioning into new roles.

New jobs mean more training.

If you are starting a new job, not only will the atmosphere and colleagues be new to you, but also to your boss. Sit down with your boss when you begin, and find out what the onboarding process is for the job. Onboarding is a crucial step for newcomers to any position, as it gives you time to acclimate to the company culture, training, and extra time to get your “feet wet.”

Active listening.

If you are starting a new position, or if you are at the same company but your manager is new, you may feel the need to prove your worth right away. It’s an understandable urge, but it can backfire if you’re spending too much time talking about your own knowledge and expertise and too little time listening to what others think. Take the time to listen and ask questions that reflect your desire to understand a project, a teammate or initiative, and the respect you have for all those who had been in the role or team before you.

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