Phrases Your Co-Workers Need to Hear


As we’re approaching the middle of the summer, employee morale can drop as people simply don’t want to be at work when it’s nice out. It’s times like these where it’s more important than ever to support your co-workers and give each other the boost you need to power through the summer drag.


It’s a well-known fact that people perform better when they know their efforts are being recognized and their hard work is contributing to the bigger picture. So if a co-worker helped you out on a big project or jumped in on a conference call after their normal hours, take a few seconds out of your day to verbalize your gratitude; a little appreciation goes a long way.


PrideStaff Financial has compiled some tips on how to reach out to your co-workers in a meaningful way:


Simply Say “Thanks”

That six-letter word is extremely powerful and should not to be overlooked. It’s good for everyone — the person you’re thanking feels appreciated and you get the satisfaction of seeing a smile on their face! This will build stronger relationships between you and your co-workers, and in the end you will all work more productively together because of it. Stop by your co-worker’s desk next chance you get, and be concise about what you’re thanking them for.


Use Words Like “We” Instead of “I”

A more subtle way of saying thanks is to integrate team-based language into your conversations. In your next meeting, instead of saying “I did this” or “I did that,” use the word “we” to show you had the help of your co-workers and you worked together to make things happen. This kind of language will not go unnoticed.


“What Can I Do to Help?”

If your co-worker is complaining about the piles of work on their desk, offer help in any way you can. It can even be something like organizing their work for them, or taking on a client call yourself. Even a little gesture can make a big difference in their workload, and this is a great way to show them that you’re a team player.


Drop an Email to Your Boss

Sometimes your boss isn’t always aware of the ins and outs of projects — as long as they get done, that’s all that matters. It’s important for your boss to understand who is responsible for the successes (and failures!) of a business. So the next time your co-worker really shines at work, take a few minutes to email your boss and make sure they are aware of this. It doesn’t do anyone any good to view your co-workers as competitors, so don’t skimp out on praising your co-workers to your boss.


A Little Gift Isn’t Cheesy

A candle or a small decoration for their workplace is a tangible way to say thanks to someone. Giving gifts is the best way to show someone you’re not only thankful, but you’ve taken the time out of your day to think of them and pick out something that reminded you of them. Even if you’re stressing out about what you’re going to get them, keep in mind that it’s the thought that counts and you’re not expected to shell out big bucks for them.


Remember, there’s no such thing as being too friendly or too kind to your co-workers, so make sure you’re engaging them every chance you get — after all, you’re all on the same boat, and better relationships with co-workers means a happier and more productive work environment.


Need an Even Bigger Productivity Boost?

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