Preparing for Fall Financial Staffing Needs

Most companies have cycles of growth and slow down, and each season brings different challenges. Fall can be one of the most challenging time of year, with its crush of activity, holiday slow down and end of the year financials. Whether hiring full time staffers or employing temporary help, PrideStaff Financial  has some guidelines to help get you through your fall hiring season.

Have a hiring plan in place.
As you gear up for your fall hiring season, make sure you have a systematic plan in place. This includes both quantitative and qualitative steps as well as stamped out procedures for on-boarding and any outsourcing efforts you’ll need. Know what your business needs are, and what times of year they’re needed, will help you evaluate who to hire and when. Having a plan in place also means identifying the type of individuals you need during specific times of year. This incorporates what potential candidates can do for your business down the line and is an important element of hiring.

Determine who will set the tone.
Usually there are several individuals in management that will identify hiring trends, seasons for hiring and what types of staffing is needed. This should be laid out before you begin your fall hiring. While many companies have a general plan from the onset, many departments grow and fluctuate as the company grows. Managers from different departments may have different needs that don’t sync  with general hiring practices. HR should consult with each department to determine the best course of action for that department’s hiring needs. This can then be forecasted over a three month period, six month period and one year period. By the time you get to your fall hiring season, you know exactly who to hire, for what department, and whether or not it’s full time or temporary.

Temporary hires should be part of your plan.  
Outsourcing your hiring needs can quickly provide your business with the staff you need for each hiring season. Staffing firms have seen many hiring plans, and a broader perspective coupled with a recruiting agency with experience can be a great asset to companies that are just forming their plans. Even if your business has an established plan in place, outsourcing some of your hiring needs can eliminate potential for internal hiring biases. Temporary hires offer greater flexibility during times of fluctuation. Every season is different and the push for hiring staff changes greatly throughout the year. Hiring temporary staff gives you the opportunity to get to know a candidate’s capabilities and whether they are a good fit for your business. It also gives you the option to evaluate and determine when your greatest need for hiring full time staff is.

PrideStaff Financial is primed to help you find the right temporary or permanent employees for your business no matter the season. Contact us to learn how we can help you with your fall hiring needs!