The Boundaries Management Should Set with Their Teams

Can’t seem to find the right balance between friend and boss with your team? Learn essential strategies for establishing clear boundaries and expectations within finance teams, fostering a healthy work environment, and promoting productivity and collaboration. If you need to expand your team, contact ours!

Start early and stay consistent:

When directly managing an employee, be clear about the company policies and boundaries between team leaders and employees. For example, you might set rules about when and how you communicate via chat or email. You may also let employees know the behaviors acceptable on company grounds and the discipline process if these rules are broken. Be upfront about any “zero tolerance” policies you have on severe topics such as harassment or bullying.

Use your soft skills, but be careful about the friend zone:

It can be helpful for managers to take a professional but compassionate approach to setting boundaries. When interacting with employees, being gentle, open-minded, and understanding can go a long way. Try not to cross over into close friend territory and avoid sharing too many details of your personal life that could cross your power dynamic. This takes some practice and may feel like walking a tightrope; however, this is a boundary managers need to set. In addition, familiarize yourself with company policies on ethical management-employee communication.

Work hours:

Incorporate boundaries into your daily routines. If you don’t want to deal with emails/messages after hours, for example, set your status accordingly and or mute notifications after hours. Getting into the habit of doing that can reinforce your boundaries to both you and those around you.

Get creative:

Consider activities, events, and trainings that can help reinforce boundaries and improve on necessary aspects like trust and communication. Team-building events, for example, can be incredibly helpful in setting and enforcing boundaries.

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