What To Do If You Are Scared of Losing Your Job

COVID shutdowns have left millions without jobs. Everyone has been affected by the pandemic in one way or another. For example, you might know someone who was furloughed, laid off, or maybe you’re worried about cut-backs in your department. If you’re concerned you might lose your job, here are some things to do now to set yourself up for success.

Accept the situation, then plan ahead:

First and most importantly, acknowledge your fear—because you are not alone or the only one concerned about losing your job. We don’t have control over the pandemic, which fears the “domino effect” because it is very real. Second, be proactive now. It is wise to start planning your next steps in the event you do lose your job. Update your resume and set up some external or colleague references now (you can ask the boss later to be a reference should the situation arise where you lose your job). Make sure you are interview ready should that day come.

LinkedIn is a must:

Start updating your LinkedIn profile now. If you do not have one, now is the time to sign up (it’s free) and get a profile online. Use your profile to poke around at jobs and companies hiring and find out the job requirements, so you know what skills you need to freshen up on or add to your resume.

Seek out jobs:

Start making a list of the available jobs. Places like Indeed, LinkedIn, company websites, Glassdoor, and staffing websites are the best way to search for current openings.

Use a staffing firm:

Staffing firms are the best way to get support in finding work. Companies contact staffing firms, so they are uniquely positioned to access jobs that may not be listed anywhere else. They are also highly trained and prepared to help candidates find work and have a broad reach, be it temporary, part-time, remote, seasonal, or full-time work. These agencies are also updated on all the resources available to candidates and have been trained to deal with the COVID crisis, so they are a great support to you in your search.

Find the right job

PrideStaff Financial has consistently won awards for exceptional candidate-job satisfaction. Our highly skilled staffing consultants can help you find the right job during these difficult times. Contact us today to learn more.