Helping Employees Balance Work and At Home Schooling

PrideStaff Financial understands how hard these times are. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how we “live our lives.” The norms we had before are temporarily gone, and navigating a new way of living has been a balancing act and tested both companies and employees alike. It’s vital to show employees you understand their challenges; otherwise, you could be sending a negative message to the rest of your staff. PrideStaff Financial offers some tips to help support your employee’s needs for balancing work, remote schooling, and caring for kids at home.

Develop a remote-work policy:

It’s essential to learn the FFCRA and state-specific laws, then create a policy that establishes expectations and guidelines, as well as communicate updates regularly to employees. A thorough and robust policy will outline which employees can work from home, what hours they are expected to work, and set forth a schedule of virtual meetings or conferences.

According to federal government guidelines, the policy must also adhere to any city, county, or state guidelines, as failure to do so could result in steep fines or penalties. The policy needs to be communicated to employees with as much notice as possible to have time to plan. If a remote-working policy is correctly established, it should alleviate legal issues and establish your effort to support work-at-home employees and the needs that may arise with them due to working from home. Especially those that have to balance work needs with school needs of their kids.

Make communication a priority:

While creating a remote-work policy is key, it should not be finite. As needs change throughout the pandemic (especially as cases fluctuate and schools transition from in-person to remote and vise-versa), your HR staff should be in touch with working parents to ensure they have everything they require to stay productive and feel supported. Leaders should be expected to check in more often and offer additional support when possible. Company leaders may also be the ones asking for additional support and should communicate their needs with their team, as well. Extending empathy and grace will be critical for all businesses.

Utilize services you already offer:

Many companies offer day-care services to their employees. For employees who need to work from home, see if you can extend these services to them for days when their tots do not receive remote learning. This gives parents a break and allows them some room to breathe and not do as much multi-tasking.

Be as accommodating as you can:

Even though it can seem like accommodations hinder productivity, it can actually boost productivity when implemented correctly. Throughout the pandemic, your company must answer to working parents’ needs and concerns to create an inclusive and constructive environment for all. Workplaces that are supportive, flexible, reasonable, and accommodating will attract and retain top talent. Parents are often loyal and dedicated employees, especially when they are supported during such strenuous times.

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