2024 Is Here: Are Your Hiring Plans Set?

With 2024 here, now is the time to finalize your hiring needs for the new year—otherwise known as predictive hiring. We provide a couple of ways to examine your 2023 workload vs. your projection of hiring needs and some strategies to help you find those talented candidates for 2024.


Did you find yourself in short supply of staff in 2023? Did you have extra work you weren’t expecting? It’s a good idea to go over how 2023 shook out. Plus, where and when workloads exceeded expectations. Take notes and sit down with your HR staff to determine what they foresee in hiring needs for 2024.

HR staff:

Harness your HR staff. Identifying hiring needs takes planning and a regular process. Having a regular process allows data from previous hiring years to be absorbed into the current plan. This makes it easier to locate employment trends, identify departments with weaker retention rates, and any other recruitment inconsistencies within the organization.

Identify gaps:

Don’t put the cart before the horse. Before deciding what positions need to be filled and when, it’s paramount that recruiters find the areas of greatest weakness within the company—as well as departments that have the greatest need. To do this, you’ll need to obtain an overview of your company’s employees—all of them. There are a variety of tools that can help you compile an employee database if you don’t already have one. After you have all of the necessary info, organize the data into relevant categories. Salary, experience, department, departure date, and contract type are some of the most often utilized data groups. Use this to help stamp out a hiring plan.


You can use AI to help come up with hiring projections. AI has become much more effective. Less than a decade ago, AI recruitment tech was limited to a few algorithms and chatbot programs. Today, recruiting with AI can provide you with data-driven solutions that can prevent hiring gaps before they occur.

Staffing firm:

Should you be looking for a contract-to-hire or direct-hire candidate? How many employees should you be adding to your team in the next year to meet your workforce growth goals? What kinds of skills and personality traits should you be looking for in a particular role? If you’re not confident in your answers to these questions, a staffing agency can be a valuable tool for forming your future hiring strategy.

One of the most significant benefits of staffing agencies is their access to an enormous and ever-growing pool of candidates. A high-quality staffing agency attracts top-tier talent, with recruiters constantly working to expand their professional networks. A company like PrideStaff Financial will source and screen hundreds of candidates’ resumes for a single job opening to find the ideal fit.

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