5 Ways to Inspire and Motivate Your Team for a Great 2024

Kick off 2024 with a bang! In this blog, we’ll walk through a few examples of how you can inspire your team & help motivate them for a great year ahead. For help finding great talent in 2024, give our team a call!

Make sure your team knows it’s about purpose and not profit:

Employees are inspired by knowing that their hard work makes a difference beyond profitability. Employees want leaders who see beyond the obvious and look to create a wider-reaching impact that extends into the community and influences social causes. This is a great way to lead by inspiring your team. Use a communication board to showcase various causes looking for volunteers. Give employees volunteer time outside of PTO so they can get involved. Lead by example. Show your employees that the company values purpose over just profit.

Incentives for hitting goals:

Suppose you want a sure-fire way to motivate and inspire your team; consider incentives when teams hit their goals or project objectives. You can offer anything from eight weeks of hybrid work time to having a masseuse come to the office and offer 15-minute massages to a “Friday” golf outing with management. There are many ways to get creative in the incentives you offer, but it’s a good way to recognize how hard employees work and a way to thank them for hitting their goals.

Don’t just ideate, innovate:

Employees want to create an impact. Allow them to be part of the innovation-based projects in your company by letting them get their hands dirty. Ideation is important, but being part of implementing the ideas that come to life can be a more exciting and meaningful growth opportunity for employees that will inspire them to perform. Additionally, stay close enough to your employees’ activities to know the 2 or 3 tools and/or resources that each would require to take their performance to the next level.

Take performance reviews to the next level:

The next time you conduct an employee performance review, evaluate each performance in two areas: success and significance. Let’s say during a performance review, you and an employee see that a certain goal has a 90% success rate throughout the year. After you discuss what is required to reach 100% of the plan, measure the significance of reaching 100% and how that can be done. Also, explain the difference in reaching benchmarks. Perhaps reaching 90% of their yearly review plan generated enough revenue to hire five more people or contribute to a particular community outreach goal. You never know the significance of someone’s performance until you measure it, and when you do, it’s an effective way to inspire even greater performance.

Be part of their personal growth:

In the past, leaders have used “increased responsibility” to inspire performance. While this approach may still have merit, the economic workforce is changing. It is when a leader can help foster the professional growth and development of their employees that performance most flourishes. Leaders must take more time to mentor and/or guide employee’s development and growth. Encourage networking opportunities and performance development forums. Inspire by showing your own personal growth. For example, purchase copies of a book that helped you grow and develop and make it available for employees to advance and grow in their work.

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