Baiting the Hook: 3 Incentives to Lure in Top Accounting Talent


When you begin the hiring process, there’s a series of steps that need to happen to obtain the right tempo, the right process and reel in the right candidate. It’s not unlike fishing, (for you fishing enthusiasts out there), where the process can be tedious, long, and sometimes even methodical.

Fishing, methodical?! Yes. When a fisherman goes fishing, he/she takes several steps to increase their chances of catching the best fish of the day. This includes finding the right spot to fish, at the right time of day, baiting the right type of bait, and most importantly—patience. Finding the right candidates, the best candidates, for your business means taking similar steps. PrideStaff Financial offers three incentives that will help you recruit the accounting candidates you want.

  1. Advanced training: It goes without saying that most top candidates will be looking for jobs where the salary matches their skill level and experience. However, top candidates are also concerned with being able to advance in their respective fields, especially in accounting. Accounting candidates want to grow and have opportunities to move up within a company. The fields of finance and accounting are always evolving and changing, and job candidates want to stay on top of the latest advancements in the field. During the hiring and onboarding process, emphasize that your organization offers professional development programs. This will give your business more appeal and intrigue the candidate more than just offering a good salary.
  2. Show off your flexibility: Most businesses that deal heavily with finance and accounting departments can come off starch, uncreative, and rigid in their company culture. Going into 2016, there will be many more Gen Ys and Millennials interviewing for jobs. These candidates are looking for much more than money when it comes to the right job fit. They want a company culture that embraces social media and flexibility. These new candidates moving into the interview ring are tech savvy, social media driven and great at multi-tasking. Offering remote work days gives employees an opportunity to balance work/life. It also shows them that you trust them and will be willing to color outside the lines occasionally. Offering remote work days during certain times of the year or specified days of the week is a great incentive that should be touted during the interview process.

    Long distance hiring: Sometimes in order to find the right candidate you have to look a bit further than your own back yard. This could mean hiring a candidate from another city or state. If this is the case for your business, think about offering to pay relocation expenses. While not every business can afford to offer this type of incentive, it might cost your business more in the long run if a year or two down the road you are once again filling the same position. Decreasing turn-over is a big priority among businesses right now; increasing profits and saving money by doing so. Offering to pay relocation expenses for top candidates that are the perfect fit for your company culture is a drop in the bucket compared to hiring the wrong candidates due to proximity, and increasing turn-over rates as a result.

As one of the nation’s leading accounting and finance recruiting firms, PrideStaff Financial will work with your business to find the best candidates for your company needs and culture. Contact our financial staffing consultants today to find out how we can help you obtain top accounting talent.