Don’t Do It! Reasons Not to Accept a Job Offer as a Financial Candidate


We are given precious time here on Earth. As children, we can while away the hours and never think twice. As adults, however, our time is more valuable. If we spend seven to ten hours of our days, five days a week at a job, that’s a huge chunk of our adult life spent at work. With jobs in the financial sector already weighing in as some of the most stressful jobs, and knowing that the majority of your days are spent at that job, isn’t it worth the effort to make sure it’s the right job? PrideStaff Financial shares some valuable reasons not to accept that finance job.


Checking your background:

It goes without saying that any legitimate job offer should come with a background check and reference check. In the case of a financial position, where company finances will be at your disposal, there may be more scrutiny over background, and with good reason. However, if these checks are done in an accusatory way or if they are calling references you don’t have listed as approved, then you might want to think twice about whether the job is a good fit for you. Some HR staff and employers will step over the line when checking into someone’s background. Looking for mistakes a candidate may have made in the past and then calling them out on it (it has happened), is a sure sign that there are trust issues in the work culture. This type of work environment may not be where you want to spend the majority of your days.


The work atmosphere should be a happy one:

Do you know the saying, “happy wife, happy life?” While the phrase is meant to be quaint, it parallels an attitude that should hold true for the work atmosphere. Never accept a job offer without having seen where you’ll be working and given a tour of all of the facilities. Take note of employee expressions, what the mood feels like in the cafeteria, and posters employees have hanging up near their desks. If many employees are showcasing “Dilbert” phrases above their desk or disgruntled messaging, it could be a sign of unhappiness. Take some time to talk to some of the employees (away from HR and managers), and get a sense of how they feel about the work environment. This will give you a good indicator as to whether or not the job will be a good fit for you.


You should not have to read between the lines:

The job you are interviewing for should have clear and concise duties assigned to it. If you ask how success is measured and you can’t get a clear-cut answer, then chances are no clearly defined goals. Not having defined expectations of the job, makes it hard for you to know whether you are meeting performance objectives when it comes time for performance evaluations. If managers don’t have a clear vision of what is expected of you, it’s a good indication that there are fundamental issues with the work environment.

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