Benefits New Finance Grads Actually Want

Trying to attract fresh new financial talent to your organization? Knowing what they care about will help! Discover key perks and incentives that attract and retain recent finance graduates, ensuring your organization remains competitive in recruiting top talent from emerging talent pools. Our team is ready to help you build the team you need; get in touch!


According to a recent study, more than 88% of finance and accounting graduates (in a survey) said that work-life balance and flexibility were among the most important benefits that a company can offer—especially among parents of young children. Both flexible hours and work-from-home arrangements are affordable perks for companies that want to offer appealing benefits but can’t afford an expensive pay benefits package. Both of these benefits typically cost the employer nothing — and often save money by lowering overhead costs and lowering turnover.

Expanded health coverage:

Great health and dental coverage are a must among most graduates these days. With more options available in the health insurance industry, there are many add-ons that grads are looking for, including gym memberships built into health insurance. Maternity coverage (longer than six weeks). Pre-paid health flex cards (pretax dollars) for things like holistic treatments, yoga, chiropractic/PT therapy, and more. Offering these kinds of benefits may just put your company over the edge.

Vacation time: 

If you are not going to be flexible with hybrid work and work-life balance, then you may want to consider adding in more than just two weeks of vacation. Most companies these days, according to a recent FJC report, are offering unlimited vacation and generous four-week vacation benefits. Studies have shown that when vacation is not micro-managed, employees tend to use less of it (because it’s always there). Employers have found that employees are happier and healthier and stay in their jobs much longer when offered much larger vacation packages. It’s easy to build in “guidelines” for unlimited vacation (i.e., a certain amount of notice must be given for vacations longer than one week, any vacations tailoring a work week for an extended period of time must be signed off on two months in advance, etc.) What you will find is more graduates vying for your jobs and higher completion of work output.

Be a change maker and showcase that: 

This is a big one. Many finance grads are looking for companies to offer student loan assistance or help with past student loans (after a certain amount of time with the company). A benefits survey from SHRM found that only 3% of companies currently offer student loan assistance, and 52% of companies provide graduate educational assistance. Although education assistance sounds costly, companies can take advantage of a tax break; employers can provide up to $5,250 per employee per year for tuition tax-free. Since so few companies offer this benefit, this could really set your company apart from the pack!

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