Benefits of Working with an Accounting/Finance Staffing Firm To Find a Job

Have you been looking for a job independently? Do you feel like you are not making headway or seeing the results you want to see in your searches and interviews—or lack thereof? It might be time to consider working with a staffing firm that specializes in the accounting and finance industry.

Advantages of working with a recruiter from a staffing firm:

Working with a staffing recruiter or consultant can give you a leg up as a job seeker. Not only do they know the industry inside and out, but you are not required to pay for their services. He or she typically receives payment from the companies. This approach provides recruiters with an incentive to place you in the best position possible and to serve as a strong voice on your behalf during negotiations. Since recruiters want to keep doing business with their clients, they will work hard to find a good fit for both the company and the job seeker. A recruiter benefits when a match works well.

Getting in the door:

When working with a staffing firm, you are more than likely to get in the door for an interview—and that can sometimes be the hardest part. Accounting/Finance recruiters typically excel at finding the right fit for both the company and the job seeker, and because they know what companies in the industry are looking for, they can guide you on how to make sure your resume is the best it can be to reflect your top skills. They will also help prepare you for the interview, so you have a “teammate” in them which is not only a confidence booster but can help you prepare. Think of them as your best advocate!

Save time:

There are many steps that need to be taken when job hunting. There is researching each company, learning best practices, updating resumes to meet job requirements, and then spending the time (sometimes hours) to apply to each job. Staffing firms can take many of these steps out of your “to-do     ” list. Since they are uniquely and intimately connected to the industry, it’s their job to know each company that is a client of theirs. They can explain the job to you, give you background information about the company, help you understand the ins and outs, and thoroughly brief you on what to expect from a particular company (how they operate and their company culture).

Networking and connections:

Accounting/Finance staffing recruiters maintain many helpful connections and can help you reach out for other opportunities during your career, should the need arise.

Looking for a great staffing partner?

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