Best Paying Accounting and Finance Jobs in Reno



If you’re looking for accounting and finance jobs, it’s a great time to be in the field. Opportunities are plentiful for entry-level, mid-level and senior accounting and finance roles – but not all jobs are created equally, especially when it comes to salary.


What are the highest-paying accounting and finance jobs in Reno?


Our team has crunched the numbers to provide you with a sample of high-paying accounting and finance careers:

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Best-Paying Entry-Level Accounting and Finance Jobs


Actuary (0 to 2 years of experience)

  • Average annual salary: $68,311
  • Job description: Actuaries apply their knowledge of mathematics, probability, statistics and finance/business principles to conduct analyses, pricing and risk assessments in assessing financial outcomes. Specifically, they develop probability tables regarding fire, natural disasters, death, unemployment, etc. to make calculations impacting insurance policy and pension models, based on analysis of statistical data and other pertinent information.
  • Actuaries have huge income potential; top actuary executives can command annual salaries of over $300,000.
  • Alternate job titles: Actuarial Analyst I, Associate Actuary, Entry Actuary

Accountant (0 to 2 years of experience)

  • Average annual salary: $51,091
  • Job description: Entry-level accountants assist in maintaining financial records and ensuring that financial transactions are properly recorded. They also: make ledger account entries; reconcile subsidiary accounts to the general ledger; and prepare financial data to aid senior accountants in the preparation of balance sheets, profit and loss statements and other financial reports. Working as an accountant requires a bachelor’s degree and may require eligibility to sit for a CPA exam.
  • Alternate job titles: Entry Accountant, Financial General Accountant, Junior Accountant, Staff Accountant I

Best-Paying Mid-Level Accounting and Finance Jobs


Financial Analyst (2 to 4 years of experience)

  • Average annual salary: $68,211
  • Job description: A mid-level financial analyst prepares and documents financial analysis projects such as financial performance, rate of return, depreciation, working capital and investments. Other responsibilities include preparing business-related forecasts and trend analyses, as well as identifying developments in competitive environments and then presenting those findings to senior management. Working as a financial analyst requires a bachelor’s degree.
  • Earning potential for financial analysts is huge; senior financial analysis executives can make up to $285,000 per year.
  • Alternate job titles: Financial Planning Analyst II, FP & A Analyst II, Intermediate Financial Analyst 

Risk Management Supervisor (3+ years of experience)

  • Average annual salary: $88,287
  • Job description: A risk management supervisor oversees a team of risk analysts who plan and direct business analysis, risk modeling and loss-prevention programs. Their responsibilities are quite diverse, and include: handling claims, safety compliance and risk management analysis; negotiating insurance renewals; and implementing/maintaining an organization’s risk-management information system. Working as a risk management supervisor may require a bachelor’s degree.
  • Alternate job titles: Operational Risk Management Supervisor II

Senior-Level Accounting and Finance Jobs



  • Average annual salary: $191,074
  • Job description: A controller leads and directs an organization’s accounting functions, including: establishing and maintaining enterprise-wide accounting systems, procedures and policies; directing the analysis and reporting of financial information including budgets, planning and required filings and reports; and making recommendations based on their findings to management. Working as a controller requires a bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance and may require a CPA.
  • Alternate job title: Financial Controller

Chief Financial Officer

  • Average annual salary: $366,178
  • Job description: A CFO is responsible for developing and setting the strategic direction for an organization’s financial policies and functions including accounting, budget, credit, insurance, tax and treasury. They also ensure that proper financial controls are in place and that transactions support the organization’s business strategy while also ensuring compliance. Working as a CFO typically requires an advanced degree and CPA.
  • Alternate job titles: CFO, Chief Financial Executive, Top Financial Executive

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