Have You Thanked a Coworker Lately

In some cases, you spend more time with coworkers than you do with your family. But we don’t always treat them like we should. Here are tips for thanking your coworkers so they feel appreciated.

It’s as simple as…

A standard “thanks” to a colleague may not be extraordinarily creative, but it works—and that’s the important thing. You want to make sure your colleague knows you appreciate them. Walk up to their desk and give him/her a genuine, straightforward thank you. To make the most impact, mention what you’re specifically grateful for.

Do it publicly:

A face-to-face thank you is personal and effective, but there’s also room for a more public appreciation; a team meeting is a perfect place to recognize someone who’s helped you out recently. It doesn’t have to be big and flashy, and you don’t need balloons or a banner to do it. Try working it in naturally, like as part of a project update that you were going to give anyway.

Don’t depend on the standards:

It may seem simple, and a bit of reminiscent of your teenage years, however, who doesn’t appreciate a breakfast sandwich, gorgeous assortment of croissants and pastries or a cup of coffee that’s not from the lukewarm pot that’s been sitting idly on the breakroom counter for the past two hours. Offering a little something sweet is a great way to show thanks to a colleague while still being subtle.

Go to the top brass:

One of the most meaningful thank you notes you can send is to your boss! Emailing the boss about something helpful and extraordinary that a colleague did (and copying said colleague) explaining how they helped you, is a great way to show your gratitude. Those thank you’s tend to have a trickle-up effect, where direct managers tend to forward those types of good deeds on to supervisors and CEO’s. So, if you want to thank a co-worker, consider sending an email to his or her boss. The compliment on its own will make your colleague feel appreciated and show your sincerity when you include the boss on the amazing job they did.

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