How to Cope With the Younger Generation


We live in a world that is ever evolving. Even our universe is thought to be expanding, pushing out into the dark unknown. Change is inevitable, but it doesn’t have to be difficult to navigate. As the workforce continues to see an influx of Gen-Xers and millennials, older generations need to find a way to coexist. The same is true of Gen-Xers trying to understand millennials and vice versa. PrideStaff Financial offers some advice for all generations to work with and get along with each other—and maybe learn something along the way.

Learning never ends.

If older generations want to learn how to cope with younger generations, figure out what you offer them. You have a wealth of knowledge to share that will help them since you’ve seen so many different shifts in the workforce. Experience in matters such as corporate policy, company politics and culture, and industry knowledge will be welcomed. You’d be surprised at how open younger generations are to learning from those more experienced in the field.

Understanding challenges.

Your knowledge and expertise on decisions you’ve had to make along the way is more valuable than you know. Experience and wisdom only come from having walked the path and understanding the challenges of making tough choices. People don’t regret what’ve they’ve done, but what they didn’t do. As a more experienced worker, you can use those regrets to pass along ideas on how to steer a career so it can be more fulfilling.

Learning is a two-way street.

Remember, you are never too old to learn something new. If you want to find a way to get along with or understand the younger workforce, you must be open to them teaching you just as you can teach them. The younger generation offers a very fresh perspective on the importance of work/life balance, fulfilling dreams, taking risks and being innovative. Be open to their thoughts and ideas, and you’ll find navigating the nuances of the younger generation much easier to cope with.

Meet in the middle.

You might be surprised to find you have more in common with the younger workforce than you realize. Take the time to get to know your younger teammates and find some common ground—something you have in common or value. Use that as a starting point to build on.

No matter the age gap, we all have a voice and something valuable to share as colleagues and as a team. Finding a way to understand each other will help all generations navigate the stress and anxiety that comes with very different styles of working and thinking.

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