Should You Hire a Temp Full Time?


Did you know that some of the best employees have a background with lots of temporary work experience? These types of hires offer flexibility, experience in different work environments and broad skill sets. Starting off hiring a temp worker and making them full time has its own rewards–namely eliminating the dreadful bad-hire syndrome. PrideStaff Financial explains how both of these scenarios can work to your advantage.

Constant job juggling.

Top performers move up the career ladder frequently where average performers usually don’t. The mere fact that a temp employee moves frequently between jobs probably means they are exceptional performers. Their only real “fault” may be they are ambitious and have the initiative to seek out better opportunities. Rather than assume they were or are not desirable employees, consider they are very desirable and may be moving around so much because they are continually being afforded better opportunities or are very tenacious and driven.

Hires with temp work history are very pliable.

These types of candidates have successfully adapted to a host of different work cultures, stressful situations and high demands. They are adaptable, flexible and usually come with a network of contacts already in their bag of tricks.

Definitions of the loyal employee are changing.

You may not realize it, but roughly 85 percent of the millennial workforce expects to stay in a job for less than three years, according to a recent jobs review. In fact, 25 percent of workers under 35 have already had more than five jobs in their short careers, according to a recent Forbes article. Most workplace views of loyalty are changing, and many new generation employees may not be loyal no matter how you stack the deck. If you’re avoiding hires with a lot of temporary experience because you want loyal employees, you may need to redefine what is considered loyal in this day and age. Reframe your thinking—better to get a short-term go-getter who will drive up productivity than an employee who is with you for six years and hasn’t done much to boost revenue or help innovation.

Good news for bringing on a temp.

Based on your evaluation or preferences, you can employ a temp for a designated term, or if desired, offer a full-time position to those who suit your business needs.  Some businesses employ temporary workers as a cost-efficient way to recruit and test the abilities of new workers before hiring them full time. This is a smart idea, and many HR departments find it very cost-effective. Hiring a temp gives you an opportunity to see them in action, assess their strengths and weaknesses and evaluate whether they fit your company culture. Interviews give “glimpses,” hiring temps gives you a “full picture.”

With so many opportunities in today’s jobs economy, the advantages of having a temporary worker are better than they were ten years ago. With the shift in work culture, temporary experience is just as valuable as longevity used to be.

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