How to Embrace AI in a Non-Intimidating Way

When you bring on new employees, they go through an onboarding process. With AI, it’s the other way around. Let’s break down the best strategies to use AI in the workplace that won’t intimidate you or your employees.

Start small:

Like mastering a new language or creating a new routine at home, working effectively with AI takes developing new habits and unlearning old ones. However, research shows that AI increases productivity, and offers creativity and work-life balance. To get started, pick a simple way to use it, like tracking action items and having AI generate a summary recap. Then, share that in the meeting chat to make sure everyone’s on the same page. You can also use AI to generate an amazing presentation. This means you need to practice asking AI for details to get what you need, like who said what, what the key points were, whether my name was mentioned, and what the next steps are.

Email overload:

Try using AI to help eliminate email overload. Research shows that 62% of employees believe they spend too much of their workday searching for information via email. AI can summarize long threads, pull high-priority messages, draft email responses (based on your writing prompts), and send you virtual reminders.

Introduce employees a little at a time: 

Use the trickle-down method to get other employees on board with AI. Fostering a culture of sharing advice and prompts also helps constantly reinforce your habit with new tips and tricks. When you incorporate AI into the daily work environment and share what’s been done with it, it helps others see the potential and start to explore the technology for themselves. You can provide incentives for employees who try using it. You can pick one employee a month who has been using it to present at meetings their findings, tips, and tricks. Or create a forum for employees to share their thoughts about obstacles, best practices, best software to use, and inspiring prompts.

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