Qualities That Can Make You Unlikeable


Everyone wants to make a good impression at work. For some, making a good impression comes with the notion they have to be popular and likeable to achieve this. There is a difference between trying to fit in and qualities that make you likeable. Everyone can learn new behaviors, but there’s a difference between trying too hard to be something you are not, and showcasing the best parts of who you are. PrideStaff Financial breaks down the qualities that can make you unlikeable.

Subtle bragging:

When you want to get across you are into healthy living and say you are on a strict diet, you are bragging about yourself with subtle undertones. Likewise, by saying people call you “a nerd,” to convey you are a smart person. This style of trying to show who you are to others isn’t perceived well by colleagues. A recent study by The Economist shows most people see right through this, and it comes off as being deceptive. Instead, be proud of who you are and the life you live. If you eat healthy, say so. The balance is in doing so without being arrogant or out-right bragging. You can simply say, “I just feel better and have more energy when I eat healthy, and find I really enjoy feeling fit.” This allows people to see who you really are, but with sincerity and honesty.

Uncontrolled drama or emotions:

If you scream at others, make others cry, loose your temper in a meeting or complain to a boss about not getting credit for something, these unlikeable qualities can translate to distancing from colleagues. This type of instability will make people question whether you’re trustworthy and capable of keeping it together when it counts.

The “other” type of bragging:

Sometimes you might not even be aware you are doing it—name dropping. It’s great you know some important or well-known individuals, but just as with the subtle bragging, this comes off as stuck-up and pretentious. Colleagues and teammates see through this and will look unfavorably on your skill set and what you have to offer. Simply be friendly. When you speak in a friendly, confident manner, people are much more attentive and open to what you say.

Detach the phone umbilical cord:

Colleagues and managers alike need to know you are paying attention to what they are saying. Don’t take out your cell phone mid-conversation and start texting, or looking at your phone when someone is talking to you. It shows a level of disrespect and being self-absorbed which are unlikeable qualities. The old courtesies of looking someone in the eyes when talking with them, nodding respectfully and not interrupting still apply today—even more so!

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